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11th October 2011

Bandar Seri Begawan, 11th October 2011.  Less than a week after participating at the 6th Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar, Baiduri Bank handed over another donation to the Centre last week.  It took place at Pusat Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajah Maryam in Bengkurong. 

The cheque was presented by Ms Dorothy Newn, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing Department of Baiduri Bank.  Today’s donation was made up of personal contributions from members of staff of Baiduri Bank Group.  Ms Catherine Chin, Head of Legal & Recovery Department of Baiduri Bank, whose department initiated the staff contributions, was also present.  Receiving the donation on behalf of Pusat Ehsan was Pengiran Datin Hajah Noraini Binti Pengiran Dipa Negara Lela Diraja Pg Haji Abdul Momin, the Executive Trustee of Pusat Ehsan Al Hajjah Maryam.

Baiduri Bank Group put up five games at the Pusat Ehsan Charity Bazaar last Sunday, which proved to be extremely popular throughout the day as visitors came in continuous streams to try their luck and skills at the games.  The most popular was “Tins Eye” where participants were given 5 chances to topple pyramids made of tin cans with the throw of a ball. Just as popular was a shooting game using toy guns where participants aimed from a distance to hit a target on the jacket worn by a member of staff.   

Pusat Ehsan is among the many welfare organizations that are actively supported by Baiduri Bank annually as part of its CSR programme.  Raising awareness about the needs of special people and to promoting activities that would contribute towards special people gaining acceptance in the wider society has always been a very important mission of the Bank.  In July this year, Baiduri Bank made a donation of B$10,000 to Pusat Ehsan as part of the proceeds from the Baiduri Masters Charity Golf Event.

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