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11th February 2012

Bandar Seri Begawan, 11th February 2012 – In line with the Bank's objective to create a workforce that is able to respond in all types of emergencies, Baiduri Bank Group has regularly been putting their staff through training ranging from fire prevention, emergency response and evacuation to first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

To date, 252 of the Group's employees have successfully completed the CPR course conducted at the National Resuscitation Centre (NRC), Jalan Ong Sum Ping with another 7 having been certified as CPR trainers. These CPR trainers had the opportunity to put their newly gained skills to practice today when they conducted CPR training at the Baiduri Training Centre in Kiarong for employees of the Bank together with trainers from the NRC. To support this initiative, the CEO of the Bank Group Mr Pierre Imhof and other senior members of Management Committee attended the first workshop.

The workshop consisted of two sessions. The first session covered theory and was presented by Hj Mohd Sani bin Tamit, officer from the National Resuscitation Centre. He explained the importance of performing emergency procedure immediately on a person who has just suffered a cardiac arrest (heart attack). The second session which covered practical exercise was conducted by the 7 qualified CPR trainers.  Baiduri Bank is the first business organization in Brunei to have NRC trained CPR trainers among employees.

Baiduri Bank and the National Resuscitation Centre have been working closely together in bringing CPR courses to the Bank employees. In 2010, as a token of the Bank's appreciation for their assistance in training Baiduri Bank employees, the Bank donated training mannequins with an estimated cost of BND20,000 to the NRC to help furnish equipment for their use.

7 of Baiduri Bank staffs received their CPR certificates before the workshop started.

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