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25th February 2012

Bandar Seri Begawan, 25 February 2012 – Five Baiduri UnionPay Debit cardholders were each recently rewarded a luxurious 2 day, 1 night holiday package at The Empire Hotel and Country Club sponsored by Baiduri Bank.

The exclusive reward is part of an ongoing promotion organized by the Bank for all new Baiduri UnionPay Debit cardholders. The promotion, which was launched on 01 January 2012, entitles all new signups of the Baiduri UnionPay Debit card with a chance to enter into the promotion.

There are 3 monthly draws during the promotion period, where 5 new Baiduri UnionPay Debit card customers are selected randomly and rewarded with the exclusive holiday package every month.

The first prize presentation, held on 17 February 2012 last Friday, was carried out at Baiduri Bank Card Centre. Present at the event was Ms. Susan Lo, Assistant Manager, Sales and Service, Card Centre who gave away the prizes to Abdul Latif Bin Haji Matassan, Muhammad Afiq Firdaus, Norasyiqin Binti Metassim, Siti Halimah, Md Jafar Ekbol, and Sahen Alam Rafiqul Islam that day.

“The Baiduri UnionPay Debit card is unique from the other cards we have issued because of its dual function as a debit card and ATM card. It also provides customers with additional security as it requires a PIN to be keyed in before any transaction can be approved.”

“The increasing number of customers who have signup for the Baiduri UnionPay Debit card shows the wide market acceptance of debit cards. Customers choose a debit card because they find it easier to control their spending. Plus, it still provides the convenience and recognition that a credit card offers,” stated Ms. Ai Cheng Lee, Senior Manager, Sales and Service, Card Centre.

The Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card Win a Holiday of Pure Luxury promotion is available until 31 March 2012. Customers who are interested to participate in the promotion can sign up for a Baiduri UnionPay Debit card at the Baiduri Bank Card Centre or any Baiduri branches closest to them. Applicants must be at least 16 years of age, and hold a Baiduri Savings or Current Account. Customers can also call Baiduri Call Centre at 244 9666 for more information about the ongoing promotion.

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