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21st June 2013

Bandar Seri Begawan, 21 June 2013 – The Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card June Weekends Promotion with Hua Ho Kiulap has attracted throngs of shoppers to the local department store for the past two weekends.

The promotion, which began on 07 June 2013, offers Baiduri UnionPay Debit cardholders a chance to shop for free when they spend a minimum of B$20 and above in a single receipt with their Baiduri UnionPay Debit card at Hua Ho Kiulap department store.

Baiduri UnionPay Debit cardholders need only present their receipt at the redemption counter at Hua Ho Kiulap to be entitled to one dip in the Instant Dip box. One receipt entitles one customer with one dip.

The Instant Dip box consists of Hua Ho shopping vouchers of denominations B$5, B$10, B$20, B$50, B$100, B$200 and B$500 where one shopping voucher will be awarded to each dip. Customers have until 31 July 2013 to redeem and shop for free at participating Hua Ho Department Store outlets located in Kiulap, Gadong 2, Delima, Mulaut and Tutong.

The big winners for the past two weekends were Wong Ing Jing who won $500 Hua Ho shopping voucher, Damodhar who won $200 Hua Ho shopping voucher, Hwong Yu Hwa who won B$200 Hua Ho shopping voucher and Zainul Ariffin who won $100 Hua Ho Shopping voucher.

Nur Faeizah Zhang Abdullah, who she shopped twice at Hua Ho Kiulap on the same day, won herself B$50 and B$100 Hua Ho shopping vouchers. While Then Siak Jing, Lau Hee Hung, and Noor Kamaliah Binti Zahari won B$50 Hua Ho shopping voucher each.

Wong Ing Jing won $500 shopping voucher Damodhar won $200 shopping Voucher Hwong Yu Hwa won $200 shopping voucher
Zainul Ariffin won $100 shopping Voucher Nur Faeizah Zhang Abdullah won $50 shopping Voucher Nur Faeizah Zhang Abdullah won $100 shopping Voucher
Then Siak Jing won $50 shopping voucher Lau Hee Hung won $50 shopping voucher Noor Kamaliah Binti Zahari won $50 shopping voucher

The Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card June Weekends Promotion will continue this weekend, from 21 June to 23 June 2013 at Hua Ho Kiulap.

To find out more about how you can shop for free with Baiduri, please call Baiduri Call Centre at 244 9666 or log on to www.baiduri.com. The public can also log onto Baiduri Facebook page at facebook.com/baiduribankgroup and Twitter feed at twitter.com/baiduribank for updates on the promotion.
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