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29th May 2013

Bandar Seri Begawan, 29 May 2013 – Baiduri Bank highlighted a recent case, when an ATM skimming attempt was foiled, thanks to an alert customer who notified the bank.  The customer had gone to the ATM located in the Brunei-Muara District at around 4:50 pm on Wednesday, 8th May 2013 and noticing an unusual device attached to the ATM, immediately called the Bank’s security hotline number stated on an ATM security poster displayed at the location.

CCTV footages revealed the culprit's trail of actions during the day. The Royal Brunei Police Commercial Crime division is currently investigating this case.

Affected customers have been contacted, and reissued with new ATM cards as a precaution although there was no evidence that any of the cards had been compromised. Some of the affected customers acknowledged that they had noticed an unusual device attached to the ATM.

In light of this latest incident, Baiduri Bank would like to remind all customers and the general public to be vigilant when using the ATM. Mr Andrew Young, Deputy General Manager, Operations Management Division of Baiduri Bank said, "Baiduri Bank has always and will continue to ensure that customers feel safe and satisfied with the services provided by us. The general public can also play a part in fighting this type of crime by being vigilant when using the ATM.  They can do this by being aware of their surroundings to protect themselves as well as other customers", he said.

ATM security awareness posters are displayed at all Baiduri Bank ATM locations.  In addition, ATM security leaflets are also displayed in all branches and available online on the bank’s website www.baiduri.com. "It is to the customer’s advantage that they fully understand the risk  of skimming devices. They can immediately call the Bank’s 24-hour hotline numbers 2268333 or 2268445 should they suspect any unusual activities or foreign devices", added Mr Young.

Baiduri Bank was quick to recognise Awang Mohammad bin Hj Mohd Saad, the customer who alerted the Bank for his public spirit. As a token of appreciation of his gallant deed, he was rewarded $500 by the bank.

(Above) Mr Pierre Imhof (R), CEO of Baiduri Bank accompanied by Mr Andrew Young ( L) presenting Awg Mohammad bin Hj Mohd Saad with a token of appreciation.

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