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11th December 2014

Bandar Seri Begawan, 11 December 2014. Around 50 selected Baiduri Bank executives and customers were today treated to a private special preview of the upcoming exhibition 'Combustion' at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Kiulap. The event featured the works of local artists Wilson Mc Lau and Lisa Ahmad. The invitation-only event was officiated by Pg Azaleen bin Pg Dato Hj Mustapha, Head of Retail Banking and Branch Network of Baiduri Bank, who in his opening remarks expressed Baiduri Bank’s support of the local art scene. "As a local bank, we have always supported the development of local talents and are encouraged by the growing interest and passion among Bruneians in the field of art. We are delighted to support this event, and we hope to see more events like this in the near future."

Combustion is a product of two artists with different styles collaborating and guiding each other into reaching new heights in art making. Wilson Mc Lau explores his emotions through his splashes of watercolour and figurative imagery in a street art style whilst drawing from natural flora and fauna as well as portraiture resulting in a painting that is both spirited and dynamic. Lisa Ahmad utilises natural forms to convey intangible concepts. She creates works of art through stream of consciousness drawing and also using organic forms of flora and fauna as inspiration, her dense line work combine to form intricate images that are meant to be springboards for the imagination.

Speaking on their works, Wilson Mc Lau said that his explorations in watercolour are a reflection of his personality and hopes that the audience can feel his passion and love for art and painting through his painting. Elaborating on her work, Lisa explained that the use of organic forms are meant to have a calming effect on the audience. She went on state that similar to Wilson’s work, her choice in colours represent moods and emotions and encapsulate a particular atmosphere within her painting.

The vibrant and expressive art exhibits were accompanied by the soothing and soulful voice of local songstress, Kala Karwanamurthi, which made for a very intimate affair at Kaleidoscope Gallery. Full of energy, colour and expression, Combustion gave the guests a different take on what is considered traditional and basic modes of working - drawing and watercolour, showing them to be mediums that should not be discarded but celebrated. The guests were also served light refreshments throughout the evening as the artists took them on a tour of the art exhibit and mingled with each other.

Also in attendance at the event were Hjh Maripaz Abdullah, Head of Business Development and the Programme Manager of Baiduri Smart Executive Programme and Ms Dorothy Newn, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing.

The five day art exhibition is open to the public starting the 12th of December, and will also mark the first time that Kaleidoscope Studio has presented a two-man art exhibition.

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