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28th July 2014

Bandar Seri Begawan, 28 July 2014 – In preparation for Hari Raya celebrations, Baiduri Bank and Hua Ho Department Store launched a Hari Raya Super Saver Promotion for three weekends, from 11 July to 13 July, 18 July to 20 July, and 25 July to 27 July 2014 to help customers save more with Baiduri credit and debit cards when they make purchases together with their Hua Ho H2 cards.

The promotion, which ended on 27 July 2014, offered savings of 5% discount on supermarket purchases at Hua Ho Kiulap, Tutong, Delima, Mulaut, and Gadong 2 when Baiduri cardholders spend minimum of B$50 up to a maximum of B$500 in a single receipt.

In addition, Baiduri cardholders were entitled to a DIP & WIN for every B$100 spent up in a single receipt. The DIP & WIN consisted of H2 shopping voucher with denominations of B$5, B$10, B$20, B$50, B$100, B$150 and B$300, allowing winners to save more in future purchases at participating Hua Ho purchases.

Baiduri would like to congratulate all the winners of the DIP & WIN and thank them for participating in the Hari Raya Super Saver promotion.

Baiduri cardholders can get instant updates on the latest promotions by following Baiduri Bank on Baiduri Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Or log on to www.baiduri.com for a list of promotions available.

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