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30st May 2014

Bandar Seri Begawan, Saturday 31 May 2014 – Following are the updates from the RBA Golf Club, where 145 participants took part in the second day of the Baiduri Masters 2014 for a chance to win the coveted Green Jacket and championship trophy.

Still in the lead is Seruji Hj Setia, 2010 Baiduri Masters champion with his gross score of 69. However, newcomer to the top 12 gross scorer, Dennis Koh is tie with Seruji with gross score of 69 with the latter leading on count back for the last 6 holes.

Also new to the top 12 are Johari Hj Ahmad (gross score of 72), Kalali Hj Munchit (gross score of 74) and Pg Md Musa Pg Mohd Jaafar (gross score of 75), placing them third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Ali Rashid, who was second place yesterday, bettered his gross score of 76 by one point to 75. His gallant effort was not enough to outshine the newcomers, placing him sixth in today’s top 12 gross scorers.

Pg Anak Hj Muhd Basheer, Yussop Daud, Pg Hj Ahmad Zaki Pg Hj Jambol, Hj Shaiful Rizal PD Dr Hj Ahmad, Momin Sawal, and Pg Razali Pg Sabli round up the remaining top 12 players today with gross score of 76.

Day 2 Gross Leader Board: Top 12 Players
1 Seruji Hj Setia 69 OCB(L6)
2 Dennis Koh 69  
3 Johari Hj Ahmad 72 OCB(L6)
4 Kalali Hj Munchit 74  
5 Pg Md Musa Pg Mohd Jaafar 75 OCB(L9)
6 Ali Rashid 75  
7 Pg Anak Hj Muhd Basheer 76 OCB(L9)
8 Yussop Daud 76 OCB(L6)
9 Pg Hj Ahmad Zaki Pg Hj Jambol 76 OCB(L3)
10 Hj Shaiful Rizal PD Dr Hj Ahmad 76 OCB(L6)
11 Momin Sawal 76 OCB(L9)
12 Pg Razali Pg Sabli 76  

The Baiduri Masters 2014 will continue at the RBA Golf Club tomorrow, 01 June 2014 and again next weekend, from 06 June to 08 June 2014. To make the cut, the top 12 gross players overall will get the opportunity to vie for the Green Jacket.

Besides the coveted Baiduri Masters green jacket and championship trophy, participants also have the opportunity to strive for the hole-in-one prizes consisting of three luxury cars – Porsche Panamera, BMW ActiveHybrid 5, and Mini Cooper retailing at around B$400,000 in total as well as two cash prizes of B$20,000 each.

For those are interested to participate in the biggest and most prestigious annual golfing event in Brunei can still register at the RBA Golf Club to take part in remaining days of the tournament.

Participants may play more than once to improve their chances of winning, and will enjoy a 10% discount on the registration fee on their second and subsequent rounds. The best score of any round played will be taken.

Proceeds from The Baiduri Masters will be channeled to a number of local charities and welfare bodies that provide help and support for individuals with special needs.

Further information on the tournament schedule and registration details can be obtained at the RBA Golf Club.

Yesterday’s top 12 players were:
1 Seruji Hj Setia 69  
2 Ali Rashid 76 OCB(L9)
3 Pg Hj Ahmad Zaki Al-Hakim Pg Hj Jambol 76 OCB(L3)
4 Hj Shaiful Rizal PD Dr Hj Ahmad 76 OCB(L9)
5 Pg Razali Pg Sabli 76  
6 Wan Man Wan Hil 77  
7 Pg Saiful Rizal PPN Pg Hj Omar 78  
8 Irfan Rahman 79 OCB(L9)
9 Idris Sirat 79  
10 Hj Hussin Hj Abd Rahman 80  
11 Hj Mohd Roger Abdullah 82 OCB(L9)
12 Murni Hj Ahmad 82 OCB(L9)

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