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23rd April 2015

Bandar Seri Begawan, 23 April 2015. Touted to be the biggest box office hit of 2015, the sequel to the blockbuster hit of 2012, The Avengers: Avengers Assemble which grossed over USD2 billion worldwide, The Avengers: Age of Ultron was released last night at cinemas across the country. The Baiduri Smart Executive Programme held a very special event for its members at Times Cineplex @ Empire.

Over 130 Smart Executive members and their guests thronged to the cinema last night to attend the film premiere of The Avengers: Age of Ultron at midnight. The event started at 9:00 pm and everyone had the chance to watch the first film to the sequel in The Avengers movie marathon. After the end of the first film, members were then given free refills of their popcorn and drinks in special edition Avengers merchandise before the screening of Age of Ultron at midnight. Additionally, a short quiz was held where 10 lucky viewers walked away with Baiduri merchandise.

Hjh Maripaz Abdullah, Head of Business Development and the Programme Manager of Baiduri Smart Executive Programme attended the film premiere. “The Smart Executive Programme is catered for the busy working professional and with all the hype surrounding the film, The Avengers sequel was the ideal choice. We wanted our members to experience the worldwide premiere first hand, as we always aspire to give our members the best of what we can offer."

Further elaborating on the event, Muiz DP Hj Adnan, Marketing Communications Officer for the Programme said, "Last year, we held a film premiere for The Winter Soldier as well as Yasmine and both events were received with positive reviews. This year, we wanted to do it bigger and better. Not only are our members amongst the first in the world to watch The Avengers sequel, we have also invited Iron Man and War Machine to pose with our members."

Also present at the film premiere were Ms. Dorothy Newn, Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing, Nurainun Abdullah, Smart Executive Section Manager, as well as other Smart Executive Relationship Officers and staff.

Baiduri's Smart Executive Programme is a unique programme by Baiduri Bank which offers a multitude of benefits geared towards the busy, working professional. The benefits include smart banking solutions and special rates across a wide range of banking products plus invitations to investment and lifestyle events. Members stand to enjoy benefits such as exclusive Smart Executive Premium Debit Cards, access to Smart Executive Centres, shopping and travel privileges. More information on the Smart Executive Programme is available on www.baiduri.com or from the Baiduri Deals mobile app.

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