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29th April 2015

Bandar Seri Begawan, 29 April 2015 – Having been at the helm of the Baiduri Masters since 1998, Mr Andrew Young, President of the Organising Committee, Baiduri Masters, shares his experiences and views on the Baiduri Masters golf tournament through its illustrious 20 year history.

"The Baiduri Masters, now in its 20th edition, has grown in strides and has evolved to become the biggest and most prestigious annual golfing event in Brunei. Being both the organiser as well as a participant in the tournament, the Baiduri Masters has achieved numerous milestones." Further continuing his own assessment of the tournament, he adds that the introduction of the team event this year is something which he feels would add a new and exciting dynamic to the tournament. "Today’s Baiduri Masters is very different to what it was back in 1998. From its humble beginnings with only 300 participants, we now have over 1,000. With the introduction of the team event this year, not only will the golfers play against the course, they are also playing against other teams competitively."

"Traditionally, [in golf] golfers received crystal vases as their prize and these would be a source of pride as they display them for everyone to see. But now, golfers will not only receive the Challenge Trophy, the green jacket, but they will also receive some prize money."

Elaborating on the future of the Baiduri Masters, Andrew goes on to say that he would like to see more junior golfers taking up the sport. “I believe the future of the Baiduri Masters lies with the junior golfers today. The sport is a good opportunity to develop the youth. It allows them to improve their decision making process, it teaches them discipline and instils charitable values.”

"Additionally, I think that in the near future, we will see more and more female participants in the Baiduri Masters" referring to the slow but steady increase of female golfers over the years.

Speaking on the challenges that he has faced as President of the Baiduri Masters Organising Committee, his biggest challenge has been trying to keep the tournament relevant throughout the years. "This is about keeping the interest of the Brunei golfers in this tournament. Hence, we are always trying to introduce new ideas to generate a competitive yet giving spirit in the tournament."

He goes on to talk about what have been his greatest achievements as President of the Baiduri Masters Organising Committee. "I feel a great sense of pride when I see the golfers competing in the tournament because the Baiduri Masters has always been and will continue to be about giving back to society. The real contribution to the charities comes from the people who participate in the tournament. Some of the charities we have chosen to receive the donations are all in some way involved in the education, intervention and even application or implementation of programmes that help people of special needs integrate into the wider society."

Andrew, being an avid golfer since 1988, first began playing at a local golf course, the Panaga Golf Club in Seria. The thinking aspect of the sport was what piqued his interest in golf. “Akin to chess, golf is a sport where the player must think 2 or more steps ahead as opposed to just the next move – this aspect of the sport is what I find most appealing.” Andrew Young is also the Deputy General Manager of Operations Management Division, Diversification and Strategic Development, Baiduri Bank.

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