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23 December 2015
Bandar Seri Begawan, 23rd December 2015 – Baiduri Bank gave away fabulous prizes to 10 Baiduri customers who were the lucky winners of the "It's All Play with Baiduri Online Banking" promotion.

Prizes range from 2-month Hire Purchase Repayments, iPad Mini Retinas, 2 return tickets to Singapore and  MasterCard Cash Cards valued at B$500 and many more.

All the customers had to do for this campaign, which ran from 8th June 2015 to 30th September 2015, was to carry out transactions on Baiduri Online Banking.  The more transactions customers made, the more chances they had of winning!  In addition, Baiduri Smart Executive members received double the chances!

One of the main objectives of this campaign was to enhance customer experience, Over the years, Baiduri Online Banking has been refined and made more user friendly and this is evidenced by the recent successful promotion that showed an increase of 8%. Baiduri Online Banking consists of Personal i-Banking and the versatile Mobile Banking app.

"There was significant increase in active participation from our customers. The market currently is trending towards the power of technology that makes transactions easy. Therefore customers are looking for a full service delivery channel like Baiduri Online Banking. In recognition of this, we are always developing services that will be at the forefront of cutting-edge secure technology" said Mr Andrew Young, Deputy General Manager of Operations Management Division and Diversification and Strategic Development.

The Baiduri Bank e-Banking Centre is the dedicated resource centre for everyone who needs to find out more about Baiduri Online Banking. The e-Banking Centre handles all customer inquiries, registrations and hold demos to anyone whether individuals or firms and limited companies.

For more information on the Baiduri Online Banking, visit www.baiduri.com or call 2449666 or 2425644 to find out more. 

Lucky winners of the It's All Play with Baiduri Online Banking Promotion


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