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15 June 2015

Bandar Seri Begawan, 15th June 2015. Baiduri Capital Sdn Bhd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Baiduri Bank, officially opens its doors to the public today.

Located at Unit 9, Block A, Kiarong Complex, the company was set up with the objective to provide customers a wide range of investment products as well as securities trading services.

Registered in 2014 under the Securities Markets Order, 2013 and the Securities Markets Regulations 2014, Baiduri Capital offers its customers opportunities to invest in international stock markets via its innovative online portal, the first in the Brunei market to offer online securities trading.

Customers can enjoy easy online access to their investment portfolio and research reports, obtain quotes, place orders, check their trading history and review account status by simply logging on to the company’s secure online trading portal via www.baiduri.com.bn/baiduricapital.

The online portal is a secure, web based securities trading platform which is the first in Brunei. For customers’ convenience, it can be accessed from an internet browser, on any laptop, tablet, or even phone, depending on the customer’s preference. The investor-focused design is feature rich, allowing customers to research prices, as well as look up market information to assist decision making when trading online.

Opening a trading account is made easy via a simplified online account opening process. All customers need to do is to complete the online registration form, available on the website, and a qualified and licensed Dealer from Baiduri Capital will get in touch with them.

Prior to trading, customers are required to do a Risk Profile Assessment to ensure that their risk profile is suitable for securities trading. Customers will also need to have a savings or current account in Baiduri Bank or in Baiduri Finance for ease of funding their trades.

Baiduri Capital will initially provide customers online access to three major stock exchanges, SGX (Singapore), HKEx (Hong Kong) and Bursa Malaysia. Other major markets will gradually be added in the future, including the US Stock Market.

At the Baiduri Capital premises located in Kiarong Complex, trading booths are available and equipped with tablets for customers to trade. Well versed Baiduri Capital staff, including an in-house financial planner, and qualified and registered dealers, will be on site to provide investment guidance and assist with trades if required. In addition there is a suite of tools available such as the viewing gallery to track price movements in SGX (Singapore) and Bursa Malaysia.

Consistent with all Baiduri Bank Group entities, Baiduri Capital will continuously evolve and introduce new products, services and markets to provide customers more and more opportunities to expand their portfolio.

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