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19th March 2015

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, 19 March 2015. Consistent with their objectives to encourage and help Bruneians develop good financial planning habits, Baiduri Bank’s Wealth Management centre conducted a Financial Planning and Lifestyle talk for some 110 students at Sekolah Perdagangan. The talk emphasized the importance of financial planning to achieve financial success in life and outlined how students can benefit from suitable banking products such as the 4U Value Pack which was specifically designed with students needs in mind.

In the Financial Planning and Lifestyle talk presented by Siti Aminah, Bancassurance Manager of Baiduri Bank’s Wealth Management Centre. She gave relatable and interesting tips on how to differentiate between needs and wants so that students can make smarter choices, especially when it comes to spending their allowances. She also spoke about the benefits of saving and setting a budget on a weekly or monthly basis.

Elaborating further, Siti said, "We strongly believe that everyone deserves the lifestyle they want to live, and by making smart and informed decisions, anyone can achieve it. We are passionate about teaching these values to students while they are young, so that they can develop good habits and apply these tips in their future."

This was then followed by a talk on the "4U Value Pack" Baiduri Student Account by Bryan Ling San Keng from Branch Network and Retail Banking Division at Baiduri Bank. Available to students aged between 12 and 29 years old, the package is designed to meet the needs of students studying in Brunei or overseas. It offers ease of banking via electronic channels as well as fee waivers or discounts on services such as overseas ATM cash withdrawals, processing fees on bank reference letters for student visa applications, funds transfers and financing. In addition, parents of the account holders can benefits from the financing scheme to help meet expenses related to their child’s education, such as tuition fees, travel costs or purchase of laptops, stationery or books.

The talk ended with a quiz and a question and answer session. Upon giving the correct answers, students were given coffee vouchers which the students participated with great enthusiasm.

For more information on the Baiduri Student Account, please call the Baiduri Call Centre at 2449666 or visit www.baiduri.com

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