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09th May 2015

Bandar Seri Begawan, 9 May 2015 – Following are the updates from the RBA Golf Club, where 216 golfers, the highest number of participants in one day during this tournament, took part in the penultimate round of the 20th Baiduri Masters for a chance to don the coveted Green Jacket and Challenge Trophy.

By the end of the afternoon session today, Seruji Hj Setia maintains his lead on top followed closely by Hj Shahminan Damit. Seruji, with his gross score of 68 and Hj Shahminan, with his gross score of 69, confirms their places in the top 12 ensuring them a spot in the final round of the Baiduri Masters tomorrow.

Coming in third was Lai Suan Loong, who improved his score by 3 strokes in the afternoon session thus increasing his rank by 9 astonishing places. This resulted in Arfian Hj Abd Kadir and Syed Isnizam dropping 1 spot each to make them fourth and fifth respectively.

The only newcomer to the top 12 was Ahmad Yani Hj Md Noor, with a gross of 72 thus cementing his spot in the finals tomorrow morning, comes in sixth.

With the new addition of Ahmad Yani to the top 12, this brings Pg Adam Pg Atan, Moksin Junaidi, Suhaimi Ibrahim, Qawim Aslimon, Khairol Bakar and Murni Hj Ahmad in the remaining spots, knocking Tony Hj Karim out of the top 12, and his chance of vying for the coveted green jacket and Challenge Trophy tomorrow.

Gross Leader Board: Top 12 Players – 9 May 2015

1 Seruji Hj Setia 68   -
2 Hj Shahminan Damit 69   -
3 Lai Suan Loong 70   ↑ 9
4 Arfian Hj Abd Kadir 72 OCB (L6) ↓ 1
5 Syed Isnizam 72 OCB (L9) ↓ 1
6 Ahmad Yani Hj Md Noor 72 OCB (L6) NEW
7 Pg Adam Pg Atan 72 OCB (L9) ↓ 2
8 Moksin Junaidi 72 OCB (L6) ↓ 2
9 Suhaimi Ibrahim 72   ↓ 2
10 Qawim Aslimon 73 OCB (L6) ↓ 2
11 Khairol Bakar 73 OCB (L3) ↓ 2
12 Murni Hj Ahmad 73 OCB (L9) ↓ 2

The Baiduri Masters 2015 will continue tomorrow, 10th May 2015. The top 12 players listed above will compete for the Baiduri Masters Green Jacket and Challenge Trophy.

Besides the coveted Baiduri Masters Green Jacket and Challenge Trophy, tomorrow will be the last chance for the golfers to score the hole-in-one prizes consisting three luxury cars and two cash prizes of B$20,000 each.

Other than the Porsche Panamera, other hole-in-one prizes on offer this year are the Mini One for Hole 5, the brand new BMW 2 Series Active Tourer for Hole 14 and B$20,000 cash each for Holes 12 and 16.

Additionally, there will be novelty prizes up for grabs for the nearest to the pin throughout the tournament and also longest drive as well as lucky draw prizes.

As with every year, proceeds raised during the Baiduri Masters will be donated to local charity organisations that help persons with special needs integrate into the wider society.

The Baiduri Masters will be held over two weekends at the RBA Golf Club, Berakas and played on format System 36 (Stroke Play) and the challenge trophy will be decided on gross. The Baiduri Masters tournament is divided into 4 divisions – Men’s, Group, Ladies and Junior. The Men’s division will be further divided into Men’s Gross, Men’s Nett and Senior Golfers Nett.

For more details, the public can log onto the website www.baiduri.com or call the RBA Golf Club at 2343724 during office hours.

Gross Leader Board: Top 12 Players – 8 May 2015

1 Seruji Hj Setia 68  
2 Hj Shahminan Damit 69  
3 Arfian Hj Abd Kadir 72 OCB (L6)
4 Syed Isnizam 72 OCB (L9)
5 Pg Adam Pg Atan 72 OCB (L9)
6 Moksin Junaidi 72 OCB (L6)
7 Suhaimi Ibrahim 72  
8 Qawim Aslimon 73 OCB (L6)
9 Khairol Bakar 73 OCB (L3)
10 Murni Hj Ahmad 73 OCB (L9)
11 Tony Hj Karim 73 OCB (L9)
12 Lai Suan Loong 73 OCB (L9)

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