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4 August 2016

Bandar Seri Begawan, 4 August 2016 – Baiduri Bank has been recognised by World Finance as The Best Banking Group for Brunei 2016. This marks the eighth consecutive year Baiduri has received this award, the first being in 2009. The award was presented to Mr Pierre Imhof, CEO of Baiduri Bank at the London Stock Exchange Studios, London.

Speaking on this latest recognition, Mr. Pierre Imhof said, 'We are honoured and proud to win the Best Banking Group 2016 for the eighth consecutive year. This certainly marks another major milestone for Baiduri Bank in our twenty-two years of serving the Bruneian people.'

Following the award presentation, Mr Imhof was interviewed by Mr Paul Richardson, a World News Media producer on the progresses made by the Group over the last year.

Touching on investment services in the country, Mr Imhof spoke of the shifting customer trend towards a diversified investment portfolio, 'We recently launched Baiduri Capital which offers a range of global investment products and services. Through our online trading platform, we can already trade online in various international stock exchanges such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the US.'

He further elaborated that in light of the country's current economic situation, there is a need for Brunei to diversify. 'An aspect to diversification is to attract foreign direct investment. With the recent announcement of the Bank of China entering Brunei, I think it is a good thing. The benefit of this diversification should be transferred to the local population whether they are individuals or companies.'

The interview is available for public viewing on Baiduri Bank's website www.baiduri.com or the World Finance website www.worldfinance.com..

World Finance is a bi-monthly print and online magazine providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of the financial industry, international business and the global economy. The magazine targets an audience of finance professionals, and corporate and private investors, but its lucid voice makes it intelligible and essential reading for anybody who wants to understand the machinations of finance in the 21st century.

Since 2007, World Finance has been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual awards. With a judging panel boasting over 230 years of financial and business journalism, supported by a research team that works round the clock, World Finance ensures the award winners are the most deserving in their sector.

Paul Richardson, World News Media (L) and Pierre Imhof, CEO of Baiduri Bank (R)

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