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13 March 2016
Bandar Seri Begawan, 13 March 2016. The atmosphere was electric today at the grand draw of Baiduri Bank's shopping promotion in collaboration with Hua Ho, The Big Shopping Win as an ecstatic Mah Wai Keun realizes she has won a Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 Auto and an equally overjoyed Headillah Bin Zainuddin was almost in tears when he realized that he has won the Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 Auto.

The event started with a draw that consisted of 3 rounds. Round 1 started with all 10 winners, whose names were drawn last Friday by shoppers in Hua Ho Kiulap during the day in full suspense.

Today, all 10 of them were randomly given an envelope containing either a consolation prize or a pass to move to the next round. The 5 winners who selected a consolation prize of Hua Ho shopping vouchers worth B$300 were presented with their prizes by Mr Alex Lim, Branch Manager of from Hua Ho Mulaut.

The remaining 2 winners who selected consolation prizes of Hua Ho shopping vouchers worth B$500 were presented with their prizes by Mr Jay Choo Jun Lee, Manager at Hua Ho Kiulap.

The remaining 3 winners who received the pass gets to move on to the final round where they had to pick envelopes that decides the order in which they pick another set of envelopes containing the prizes.

The final round was an electrifying affair where each finalist revealed what were in their chosen envelopes and Mah Wai Keun and Headillah Bin Zainuddin emerged as the 2 champions, bringing home with them the Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 Auto and Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 Auto respectively.

Baiduri Bank senior managers and representatives from Hua Ho H2 were on hand to witness the momentous occasion where Mr Lau Soon Lin, Director of Hua Ho and Ms Michelle Lo, Manager of Card Brand Relationship & Business Banking Support, Baiduri Bank presented the keys of the Mitsubishi Lancer 1.6 Auto to Mah Wai Keun.

Mr Lau Soon Lin then together with Mr Davern Lim, Manager of Business Banking presented the keys to the Mitsubishi Attrage 1.2 Auto to Headillah Bin Zainuddin as well as prizes to the remaining finalists.

A total of 10 prizes were given away that day. In third place, Md Norizam Hj Md Zain won a B$1,000 H2 Shopping Voucher while Iyan Nurpalah Falahuddin and Hong Siew Kheng won a B$500 H2 Shopping Voucher each. The rest of the consolation winners Nurefna Abdullah, Effaizan Hj Salam, Soon Lee Hui, HJ Hamidun Bin Ismail and Nadhratul Lily Damia won a B$300 H2 Shopping Voucher each.

The prize presentation event concluded with a group picture of the winners and their respective prizes.

To participate in promotions organized by Baiduri Bank, the public can find out more about Baiduri Bank’s current news and promotions from the Bank’s website at www.baiduri.com, 'Baiduri Deals' mobile app or Call Centre at 244 9666. The public can also follow Baiduri Bank Group on Facebook or @baiduribank on Instagram and Twitter.

Baiduri Bank Big Shopping Win Baiduri Bank Big Shopping Win
Baiduri Bank Big Shopping Win Baiduri Bank Big Shopping Win
Baiduri Bank Big Shopping Win Baiduri Bank Big Shopping Win


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