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26th May 2016

Bandar Seri Begawan, 26May 2016. Masrizal Bin Haji Masriis the lucky winner of a brand new and highly coveted Apple iPhone 6S 16GB, which he received for simply conducting his banking transactions online via Baiduri Bank’s I-Banking platform.

The second prize winner, a representative from KTL Services Sdn Bhd, took home an Apple Watch Sport 42mm, which he is looking forward to syncing with his smartphone, while a representative from Parvati Textiles Centre, is the third prize winner, scoring himself a fabulous GoPro Hero 4.

The prizes were presented to the winners byMr Andrew Young, Deputy General Manager of Operations Management Division and Diversification and Strategic Development of Baiduri Bank. The prize presentation was the grand finale of the “Transact & Win” campaign that has been conducted over a period of 4 months, in conjunction with a major redesign of the Baiduri I-Banking.

The revamp incorporates features such as real time updates for car hire purchase payments as well as the ability to conduct multiple transactions on a single page when conducting fund transfers to third parties, local and abroad.

All three winners mentioned that they are avid users of the Baiduri online banking platform, regularly using the transfer feature for bill payments, electricity top up and even shopping from vendors on Instagram.

Masrizal Bin Haji Masri remarked on the increased level of security, “Nowadays, when I make transfers and payments online, a dual factor authentication is required, and I have to fill in a one-time pin so I always know my transfers are secure. Furthermore, I always receive SMS to notify me of all my online activities.”

This is not the first time Baiduri Bank has been rewarding users of its I-Banking platform. Earlier this month, one lucky Baiduri customerwalked away with a return ticket to Singapore for completing and submitting a short survey on Baiduri’s Personal i-Banking log out page. 10 othercustomers were presented with consolation prizes for their support and contribution in the short survey.

Mr Andrew Young explained, “We see a rapidly increasing number of online transactions nowadays, not only with the younger generation, as more and more people are more comfortable with transacting online. The penetration of electronic transactions, including online, make up more than 80% of total transactions showing us that it’s the preferred way to bank.”

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