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The 22nd Baiduri Masters - Day Three Updates
30th April 2017

Bandar Seri Begawan, 30 April 2017. Following are the updates from the RBA Golf Club. By the end of the first weekend, the Baiduri Masters saw a total of 328 golfers vying for their opportunity to don the coveted Green Jacket and Challenge Trophy.

By the end of today's session, the Top 16 Leaderboard saw a lot of movement with the addition of seven new contenders: Ahmad Yani Hj Md Noor, Hj Shahminan Hj Damit, Pg Hj Zamani Pg Hj Ahmed, Md Kamarul Hafiz, Pg Hj Razali Pg Sabli, Chu Vui Kiat, and Edwin Liew.

Tied for today's top spot are Ahmad Yani Hj Md Noor, Pg Ahmad Zaki, and Seruji Hj Setia with a terrific score of 71. Pg Ahmad Zaki improved his previous score by 3 strokes. Tied for fourth and fifth places are newcomer Hj Shahminan Hj Damit and Suhaimi Ibrahim with a gross of 72. Suhaimi Ibrahim dropped 3 places in the leaderboard.

The next three spots consist of Nujaimi Hj Jumat, Zulehram Yakub, and Pg Hj Zamani Pg Hj Ahmed with a gross of 73 each. Nujaimi Hj Jumat fell down the leaderboard by 3 places whereas Zulehram Yakub returned to the Top 16. He improved his last score by 7 strokes.

The next two spots saw Md Kamarul Hafiz and Pg Hj Razali Pg Sabli tied with a score of 74. Similarly, the next two spots also saw a tie between Rudy Hairywan Yussof and Chu Vui Kiat with a score of 75. Rudy Hairywan Yussof went down 6 places.

Rounding off the top sixteen were Pg Dato Hj Wahab, Hj Azaman Daud, David Liaw, and Edwin Liew with a tied score of 76. Both Hj Azaman Daud and David Liaw moved down the leaderboard by 8 places.

At the conclusion of the first weekend, it is still anyone's championship. Will the final weekend see another major shift in the leaderboard? Will the conditions be optimal for another exciting round of golf? We'll find out next week.

Gross Leader Board: Top 16 Players - 30 April 2017
1 Ahmad Yani Hj Md Noor 71 OCB(L9) New
2 Pg Ahmad Zaki 71 OCB(L9) ↑2
3 Seruji Hj Setia 71    
4 Hj Shahminan Hj Damit 72 OCB(L3) New
5 Suhaimi Ibrahim 72   ↓3
6 Nujaimi Hj Jumat 73 OCB(L9) ↓3
7 Zulehram Yakub 73 OCB(L9)  
8 Pg Hj Zamani Pg Hj Ahmed 73   New
9 Md Kamarul Hafiz 74 OCB(L9) New
10 Pg Hj Razali Pg Sabli 74   New
11 Rudy Hairywan Yussof 75 OCB(L9) ↓6
12 Chu Vui Kiat 75 OCB(L6) New
13 Pg Dato Hj Wahab 76 OCB(L9)  
14 Hj Azaman Daud 76 OCB(L9) ↓8
15 David Liaw 76 OCB(L3) ↓8
16 Edwin Liew 76   New

The Baiduri Masters 2017 will continue next weekend, 5 to 7 May 2017. To make the cut, the top 16 gross players overall will get the opportunity to vie for the Green Jacket.

Besides the coveted Baiduri Masters Green Jacket and Challenge Trophy, the golfers also have the chance to score the fantastic hole-in-one prizes comprising two luxury cars and three cash prizes of B$20,000 each.

Other than the BMW 320i M Sport at hole 14, other hole-in-one prizes on offer this year are the Mini Cooper S for Hole 5, and B$20,000 cash each for Holes 2, 12 and 16.

Additionally, there will be novelty prizes up for grabs for the nearest to the pin throughout the tournament and also longest drive as well as lucky draw prizes.

As with every year, proceeds raised during the Baiduri Masters will be donated to local charity organisations that help persons with special needs integrate into the wider society.

Those who haven't registered for the tournament can still do so at the RBA Golf Club, First Floor, VIP Room but slots for tomorrow afternoon are limited. Participants are encouraged to play more than once to improve their chances of winning, and they will enjoy a discount on the registration fee on their subsequent rounds.

The Baiduri Masters will be held over two weekends at the RBA Golf Club, Berakas and played on format System 36 (Stroke Play) and the challenge trophy will be decided on gross. The Baiduri Masters tournament is divided into 4 divisions - Men's, Group, Ladies and Junior. The Men's division will be further divided into Men's Gross, Men's Nett and Senior Golfers Nett.

For more details, the public can log onto the website www.baiduri.com or call the Baiduri Bank Customer Helpline at 244 9666.

Gross Leader Board: Top 16 Players - 29 April 2017
1 Seruji Hj Setia 71   -
2 Suhaimi Ibrahim 72   -
3 Nujaimi Hj Jumat 73   -
4 Pg Hj Ahmad Zaki 74 OCB (L9) -
5 Rudy Hairywan Yussof 76 OCB (L9) New
6 Hj Azaman Daud 76 OCB(L9) New
7 David Liaw 76   New
8 Pg Anak Basheer 77 OCB(L6) New
9 Hj Md Wadiwadera Hj Wahid 77 OCB(L9) New
10 Pg Darulehsan 77   New
11 Dato Hj Azian Abdullah 78 OCB(L9) New
12 Pg Hj Zulkifli Pg Hj Besar 78 OCB(L6) New
13 Col. (B) DP Hj Harith bin Abdul Karim 78 OCB(L9) New
14 Hj Raya Dollah 78   New
15 Yakib Hj Jumat 79 OCB(L9); New
16 Hj Majid Hj Berahim 79 OCB(L6) New

Gross Leader Board: Top 16 Players - 28 April 2017
1 Seruji Hj Setia 71  
2 Suhaimi Ibrahim 72  
3 Nujaimi Hj Jumat 73  
4 Pg Hj Ahmad Zaki 80 OCB(L9)
5 Asmawi Ismail 80 OCB(L9)
6 Md Zulehram Yakub 80 OCB(H18)
7 Rozaimi Ahmad 80 OCB(L6)
8 Hj Md Khairul Jamaluddin 80 OCB (L9)
9 Hj Shaiful Rizal PD Dr Hj Ahmad 80 OCB (L3)
10 Pg Hj Zamani Pg Hj Ahmed 80 OCB (L8)
11 Mohd Haszwan Sayang 81 OCB (L6)
12 Col. Kamarudzaman Mohd 81 OCB (L9)
13 Dato Hj Suhaimi Hj Gafar 81  
14 Mohd Ali Yassin Hj Mohammad 82 OCB (L6)
15 Hj Nordin Hj Ahmad 82 OCB (L9)
16 Kahar Bakar 82 OCB (L9)
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