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Baiduri Capital Launches Second Investment Challenge
23 October 2018

Bandar Seri Begawan, 23 October 2018 –In light of the success of the first Baiduri Capital Investment Challenge which took place in October last year, Baiduri Capital has launched the second such challenge entitled, Baiduri Capital Investment Challenge 2018, BCIC2018.

This year sees the participation of three higher education institutions with each sending two teams: Politeknik Brunei; Universiti Teknologi Brunei; and Laksamana College of Business. Each team comprises four members with a mentor and were given BND5,000 each to invest into any of the securities listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, Malaysia Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, China A-Shares or the US Stock Exchange. As an incentive to perform during the BCIC2018, any profits earned by the teams upon the completion of the challenge will be kept by them.

Mr Peng Eng Soon, General Manager of Baiduri Capital said, "Our aim of this Investment Challenge is three-fold. Firstly, to cultivate awareness on financial investments. Secondly, to generate interest in financial investment and capital markets. And thirdly, to provide a platform for students to practice what they learnt in school."

He further elaborated, "We hope that this investment challenge will generate interest amongst the younger generation and they will not only appreciate the workings of the capital markets during the competition, but to potentially look at the opportunities following the Investment Challenge."

Justin Tan Kian Fook, a former BCIC alumnus who transitioned from a participant in the pilot BCIC to becoming a full-fledged investor with Baiduri Capital, said "The investment challenge not only introduced me to new avenues of investment, such as stock trading, but to different products that I can invest in to further diversify my source of income."

Carmen Gan Ai Cheng, another participant in the pilot BCIC who also decided to become an investor with Baiduri Capital said in statement, "My experience during the investment challenge [2017] gave me the confidence to invest in the stock market." She further stated that the Investment Challenge helped her overcome that initial fear of investing, a fear that she believes is shared amongst the youth and her peers. "I believe most of the young people are willing to venture into this type of investment with some guidance and advice."

The BCIC2018 is an initiative undertaken by Baiduri Capital to improve the overall awareness on financial investments in line with supporting the Capital Market Unit at AMBDís goal of increased investment literacy among the general public.

For more information about Baiduri Capital products and services, visit their website at www.baiduri.com.bn/baiduricapital, email baiduricapitalservices@baiduri.com, or call 226 8825.

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