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Baiduri Bank Group celebrates The Lunar New Year with Belait customers
06 March 2019

Bandar Seri Begawan, 06 March 2019 - In celebrating the Lunar New Year 2019, the Baiduri Bank Group organised its first of two Chinese New Year Open House events. Today’s event catered to its customers and business associates from the Belait district. The event was held at the Royal Garden Hall, Garden Sentral Hotel, KB Sentral.

Speaking at the open house event in Belait, Mr Pierre Imhof, CEO of Baiduri Bank said, “Every year, we organise this get-together with our clients and business associates with the aim of reconnecting and further strengthening the relationship with them. Our clients and partners here have contributed greatly to the overall success of the group.”

The event began with a dance performed by Chung Hua Middle School (CHMS KB) students entitled “24 Festive Drums and Dance”. Throughout the event, guests were entertained to performances including a variety of songs performed by CHMS KB students as well as Wushu and Chinese Calligraphy demonstrations.

The highlight of the event came when six schools from Belait and Seria received donations from the Baiduri Bank Group as financial assistance for underprivileged students. Receiving the donations from Mr Pierre Imhof were representatives of the schools.

Representing the schools were:

  • Mr Ang Sik Liong, Principal of Chung Ching Middle School, Seria
  • Mdm Jaime Lim Siew Lee, Principal of Chung Hua Middle School, KB
  • Mr Musim bin Anyi, Principal of Chung Hwa School, Labi
  • Ms Chea Wann Ching, Principal of St Angela’s School, Seria
  • Dr The Keng Watt, Principal of St John’s School, KB
  • Mr Suresh Babu, Deputy Principal of St Margaret’s School, Seria

Present at the event were prominent Bruneians, businessmen, customers and business associates of Baiduri Bank Group. Also in attendance were the management committee and senior executives of Baiduri Bank. A similar event will be held at the Empire Hotel and Country Club for clients based in the Brunei-Muara and Tutong districts tomorrow.

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