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Protect your life, your loved ones and your savings from uncontrollable financial risks and unforeseen circumstances.

Whether your aim is to protect your income or your loved ones, it is important to ensure that you are adequately insured. This can save you from finances that you are not able to cope with due to an unexpected event or unfortunate accident. You can work hard to provide food and shelter, and accumulate wealth, but these things should not be left to chance.

  • Financial Management

    1. Set up a budget. First, get your expenses under control and establish a budget, you should include all your fixed and irregular expenses. Your expenses should not exceed your income.
    2. Set your savings goal. Consider what you are saving for and how much you want to save to accomplish your goals. It is recommended to set aside 15 to 20 percent of your income for retirement. You should also set an emergency fund of three to six months’ worth of living expenses. 
    3. Determine how much you can devote to your savings goals each month. No matter how small the amount any leftover money saved can contribute to your future. 
    4. Open one or more savings and retirement accounts. You can establish a different savings account to cater to each of your short- and long-term goals. 
    5. Make your commitment concrete. Fix an amount to set aside each month and have it saved automatically by utilising a Standing Instruction. That way you won’t have to think about it and the money will always go where it should. 
    6. Gradually increase how much you save. As you get used to living on a little less because you are putting cash aside, you can gradually increase the amount that you are saving. You can opt to save any other extra income e.g. bonus. 

  • Insurance Planning

    An insurance plan may help you to:

    1. Pay for medical emergencies, hospitalisation, contraction of any illnesses and treatment, and medical care required in the future.
    2. Mitigate financial loss to the family due to unfortunate death of the sole earner. The plan can also help maintain their standard of living through a standard lump sum pay out from your policy. 
    3. Protect the future of your child in terms of his/her education. You can be assured that your children are financially secured while pursuing their dreams and ambitions, even when you are not around. 
    4. Benefit from savings and investment schemes along with regular coverage. 

  • AIA Secure Term Plus (II)

    AIA Secure Term Plus (II) is a flexible and affordable plan that meets your protection needs at different stages of life, ensuring that your family remains financially secure.

    • FLEXIBLE CHOICE - Choose your desired length of coverage of 5, 10 or 20 years that can best meet your protection needs. Should your needs change, you can even convert your plan to any of our whole life or endowment plans.
    • AFFORDABLE PROTECTION - Enjoy high protection in the event of death and terminal illness at affordable premiums from only $22 per month. 
    • FIXED PREMIUMS - Your premiums are fixed throughout the duration of your policy tenure, although if you renew your policy the renewal premium will be higher. 
    • PROTECTION THAT’S RENEWABLE - A lot of us think it’s harder to get coverage when we grow older. But with AIA Secure Term Plus (II), you can renew your coverage up to your 101st birthday, regardless of your health. Now that’s reassuring. 


    • With illnesses in the high rise, critical illness coverage is increasingly crucial. And we go a step further by covering 43 Critical Illnesses all the way to age 101.

  • AIA US$ Guaranteed 8

    A US dollar plan that helps you achieve your financial goals by giving you substantial savings for the future, while at the same time providing lifetime protection.

    • PAY FOR A LIFETIME OF SECURITY IN JUST 8 YEARS - With AIA US$ Guaranteed 8 for Life, you are committed to a limited premium payment of ONLY 8 years! And you are covered for your whole life!
    • ENJOY LIFETIME FINANCIAL SECURITY - With AIA US$ Guaranteed 8 for Life, you will enjoy guaranteed cash values and potential cash dividends for life. You can choose to withdraw or reinvest the dividends to enhance your savings need. Additionally, you have the opportunity to diversify your currency exposure when you accumulate your funds in US$. 
    • PEACE OF MIND FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE - Should an unfortunate event occurs such as death or total permanent disability, you are fully covered and the amount provided for can help to provide a source of income for your family in order to maintain their lifestyle, pay for children’s university education or pay off any outstanding loans/debts 


    • AIA offers a wide range of optional benefits which can be added to your plan, including protection for critical illnesses, accidental death and hospitalization.

  • AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus

    Designed as an affordable one-stop solution that allows you to be in charge of your protection and savings needs. Besides providing protection for Death, Total Permanent Disability and Critical Illnesses, this plan also offers added financial security with guaranteed cash values and potential bonuses which you can leave to your loved ones.

    • BOOSTED PROTECTION - With the unique multiplier feature in AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus, your coverage is boosted by 2X! You can enjoy this boosted coverage up to age 65 and continue to enjoy a lifetime protection up to age 100.
    • LIMITED PAYMENTS FOR LASTING PROTECTION - AIA Guaranteed Protect Plus offers you a choice to pay your premiums in 12 or 20 years to suit your budget while providing protection for life. 


    • By adding on Critical Illness coverage, you and your loved ones will receive financial support to focus on your recovery, without having to worry about your finances. If you add Critical Protector Life, it will give your Critical Illness coverage a lift of 2x on your basic plan up to age 65. After which, you can still continue to enjoy the protection all the way to age 100.

  • AIA Living Essential

    A standalone 8-year auto renewable plan that offers 8 great benefits specially packaged together to meet your protection needs.

    • ESSENTIAL PROTECTION PACKAGED IN ONE - AIA Living Essential offers 8 great benefits which offers you comprehensive coverage such as death, total permanent disability, diagnosis of 30 critical illness, enhanced accident death and dismemberment benefit, surgical benefit, daily hospital income benefit, second opinion on a diagnosed critical illness and unemployment benefit. It is indeed the essential health, accident and protection you can count on.  
    • GUARANTEED RENEWAL - This packaged plan comes with an 8-year term and it gives you a renewable privilege to renew the plan after 8-years, giving you the flexibility to meet your long-term protection needs, regardless of any changes in your state of health. 
    • FLEXIBILITY TO ENHANCE AND CONVERT - AIA Living Essentials caters to your future changing needs as you can convert it to a new whole life or endowment plan at any time during the 8th year of your policy, without the need for a medical check-up.

  • AIA Smart Growth (II)   

    If you’re just starting out in life, or if you’re heading into the final stretch of your career, committing to a long-term savings plan may be daunting. AIA Smart Growth (II) is a savings plan designed to help you grow your wealth by saving for just 12 years, enabling you to budget for the future with confidence.

    • BONUSES TO GROW YOUR WEALTH FASTER - Whether you are saving for marriage, for your children’s education or building a nest egg, we help boost your wealth through bonuses. A potential one-off bonus may also be payable when you make a claim, choose to stop the policy or at the end of the policy.
    • YOUR CHOICE OF POLICY DURATION - Depending on your needs, you can choose a policy that lasts for 18, 21 or 24 years. You only have to make payments for 12 years and your premium won’t change 
    • LIFE INSURANCE FOR YOUR FAMILY'S SECURITY - If you are disabled before the age of 70 or pass away, your family will receive the coverage amount plus any potential bonuses, helping to ease their financial burden.  


    • If your future circumstances change down the road you have the option of purchasing an additional whole life or endowment plan without having to undergo medical check-ups, making it much easier for you to get more protection.

  • AIA Retirement Saver (II)

    Charting the perfect course towards your retirement dream is easier than you think. Rather than searching for the right plan to get you there, take charge with AIA Retirement Saver (II) and discover endless possibilities for a retirement worth dreaming about. So get started now – with no medical check-up required, it couldn’t be simpler. 

    • GUARANTEED MONTHLY INCOME FOR A STRESS-FREE RETIREMENT - Enjoy the freedom to spend your retirement the way you want with a guaranteed stream of income for 15 years. Plus, you will get back every dollar that you contributed at your selected retirement age, so rest easy and look forward to the best years of your life!

    • FLEXIBILITY TO MAKE YOUR PLAN WORKS FOR YOU - Take charge of your retirement plan by choosing how much monthly income you want to receive, as well as the age to begin receiving it either 55, 60 or 65.

    • ENJOY POTENTIAL GROWTH AND FUTURE RETURNS - This plan cushions your retirement dreams against the impact of inflation and enhances your retirement income through potential dividends, starting from your selected retirement age. To celebrate a life well lived, a potential one-off dividend may be added as an extra bonus to your retirement funds or a token for your family, upon maturity, death or surrender of policy.


    • You can choose to spread your premiums all the way to your retirement age for more affordable payments, or a shorter period, if you’re ready to embrace retirement sooner. If you’re already established in your career, you can choose to pay over 5 or 10 years, or in a lump sum. It all depends on what’s right for you.

  • AIA Hospital Income

    You may be in good health, but since accidents and health emergencies are rarely predictable, it pays to be prepared. Even if your current hospitalization plan covers hospital stays, additional expenses can quickly add up – especially if you need time off work to focus on recovery. For as little as B$0.80 per day1, AIA Hospital Income complements your hospitalizations plan to cover those extras, so you can relax, knowing that you and your family will be cared for while you’re on the mend.

    • EXTRA CASH ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR HOSPITALISATION, RECOVERY AND MORE - Enjoy the comfort of daily cash allowance for up to 500 days in hospital – with added cash allowance for an Incentive Care Unit stay, Day Surgery Income benefit and Home Rest Post-Hospitalization. Use it for alternative therapies, medication, or to replace income while you’re away from work – the choice is yours!


    • In the event of death, we will provide BND1,000 as a one-off payment.

  • AIA Triple Critical Cover

    A critical illness plan that celebrates your resilience because quitting is not an option.

    While other critical illness plans cease to provide coverage once a claim is made, our "Power Reset" feature fully restores your coverage, giving you the support you need and confidence for the future.

    • COMPREHENSIVE CRITICAL ILLNESS COVERAGE - Enjoy comprehensive coverage for 104 conditions through the early, intermediate and major stages. You also get extra coverage for 5 special conditions, for which you will receive an additional 20% of your coverage amount, up to $25,000 per condition.
    • 'RESET' YOUR COVERAGE FOR CONTINUAL PROTECTION - Be confident of continued coverage under the plan, even after you make a claim. The revolutionary 'Power Reset' feature of the plan restores your coverage amount back to 100% once 12 months have passed following a claim. What's more, you can get up to 300% of your coverage amount for multiple critical illness claims across all stages, without disrupting your coverage under the plan. 
    • GET GUARANTEED CASH VALUE WITH YOUR PLAN - Choose how long you want to be covered and if you want cash value with your plan. 
    • MAKE SURE YOUR FAMILY IS TAKEN CARE OF - Be prepared for every eventuality. In the event of your death, your family will receive 100% of your coverage amount (less any critical illness claims paid), plus a compassionate benefit of $BND5,000.

    AIA Triple Critical Cover Value Plan

    AIA Triple Critical Cover Life Plan

    Covers up to age 75
    Covers up to age 100
    No Surrender Benefit
    Surrender Benefit can be applied on or after 60th policy anniversary or on or after age 75 (whichever is earlier)
    No Maturity Benefit
    Maturity Benefit will be applied if the plan is held until age 100
  • AIA Star Armour

    Offers affordable worldwide personal accident and health cover for your child. It provides protection against accidental injuries and burns, as well as coverage for 16 common diseases, giving them the confidence to explore life to the fullest.

    • COVERAGE FOR COMMON ILLNESSES - If your child falls sick, you will want fast, quality treatment without worrying about costs. AIA Star Armour reimburses the cost of treating 16 common diseases, including hand, foot & mouth disease, dengue fever and food poisoning. 
    • DOUBLE INDEMNITY - Receive a double pay out if your child is disabled or suffered burns due to an accident that happened at school, on public or private transport, or as a pedestrian on the road. 
    • CASH TO HELP COPE WITH CATASTROPHIC DISABILITIES2 - Should your child be catastrophically disabled due to an accident; we will pay a monthly benefit of up to 20 years. 
    • EDUCATION ASSURANCE FUND BENEFIT – Education fund for your child and waiver of premium until he/she reaches 21 years old should you pass away due to an accident before age 75. 
    • RENEWAL BONUS - UP TO 25% EXTRA COVERAGE - For the first 5 years, you can enjoy additional coverage of 5%, every time you renew your policy – because we all like a little extra. 
    • CHOICE TO ADD ON CHILD CRITICAL ILLNESSES BENEFIT - Covers 17 child critical illnesses, up to the policy anniversary following the child’s 21st birthday. You also have the option to convert this benefit to a whole life or endowment plan from your child’s 18th birthday till the policy anniversary following your child’s 21st birthday3


    • In the event of any non-accidental death, we will provide B$ND1,000 as a one-off payment.

General Note

You are advised to read the policy contract for details.

1. Refers to Plan 1 premium rate for age 1 to 30.

2. Catastrophic Disability refers to:

  1. Coma
  2. Paralysis 
  3. Loss of or the irrevocable total loss of use of 2 limbs
  4. Irrevocable total loss of sign of both eyes 
  5. Loss of or the irrevocable total loss of use of 1 limb and the irrevocable total loss of sight of 1 eye 

3. Conversion privilege is applicable to standard lives only.

Important Note

The insurance plan is underwritten by AIA Singapore Private Limited (Reg. No: RFC20004468). All insurance applications are subjected to AIA’s underwriting and acceptance. This is not a contract of insurance. The precise terms and conditions of this plan, including exclusions whereby the benefits under your policy may not be paid out, are specified in the policy contract. You are advised to read the policy contract.

As buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment, an early termination of the policy usually involves high costs; and the surrender value, if any, that is payable to you may be zero or less than the total premiums paid. You should consider carefully before terminating the policy or switching to a new one as there may be disadvantages in doing so. The new policy may cost more of have fewer benefits at the same cost.
  • Great Eastern Essential Protector Plus

    Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere – and could mean huge bills for treatment and recovery. Essential Protector Plus reimburses you for medical expenses incurred due to accidents, anywhere in the world. And, if the accident occurs while you're overseas - and you seek treatment in that country - your medical expenses reimbursement limit will be doubled1.

    That’s not all. If you're hospitalised due to an accident, Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) or food poisoning, Essential Protector Plus also offers a daily hospital income benefit, which will help make up for loss of income while you recover.

    Plus, the plan offers lump sum payouts for permanent disablement or death from accidents.

    Key benefits

    • Be reimbursed for medical expenses
    • Receive daily income when in hospital 
    • Enjoy easy, guaranteed sign-up 

  • Great Eastern FlexiLife

    Focus on a fulfilling future and safeguarding your family against life’s uncertainties. FlexiLife is a whole life insurance plan that allows you to customise your protection, and also lets you choose when and how you pay for coverage that can grow over time.

    Key benefits

    • Be protected all through life
    • Choose payments to suit your budget 
    • Get coverage that grows with you 

  • Great Eastern GREAT Family Care

    A first-ever multi-generational Critical Illness term plan, GREAT Family Care helps you and your family to deal with life’s unexpected challenges.  It covers you against Critical Illness (CI), Death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD and Terminal Illness (TI).  It also provides your children with free protection against Critical Illness and Juvenile Conditions.

    In addition, you have the choice to enhance coverage for your parents by adding the Parent Protect rider – insuring them with no medical assessment.

    Key benefits

    • For yourself - Cover yourself against 53 critical illnesses (CI), Death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) and Terminal Illness (TI)
    • For your children - Provide your children with free protection against 53 critical illnesses and 25 juvenile conditions 
    • For your parents - Enhance coverage for your parents by adding the Parent Protect rider3 - insuring them with no medical assessment. 

  • Great Eastern Supreme Retirement

    Your TAP savings may not be enough to see you all the way through your retirement. Supreme Retirement helps you enjoy your golden years without worrying about money.

    Starting from the second year of the plan, you can look forward to annual cash bonuses1. And, when you reach your chosen retirement age, celebrate with a lump sum Retirement Reward of up to 24 times your selected monthly income, plus guaranteed income every month for the next 20 years.

    What’s more, signing up for the plan is quick and easy – you’ll enjoy guaranteed signup, without having to go for medical check-ups.

    Key benefits

    • Receive an assured retirement reward
    • Enjoy guaranteed income raises 
    • Get assured monthly income for 20 years 

  • Great Eastern Family3

    Family3 is a whole life savings plan that offers unique benefits for three generations – yourself, your child, and your grandchild.

    The plan also helps you build your savings safely, offering lifelong guaranteed and potential cash payouts which your loved ones can re-invest for even greater returns.

    Key benefits

    • Receive guaranteed payouts every year
    • Watch your savings grow 
    • Be covered against the unexpected 

  • Great Eastern Great Wealth Multiplier

    As you embark on your career, it’s also the perfect time to plan for your financial future. You'll want to start a savings journey that allows you to be in control of when to use it, at your own time.

    With GREAT Wealth Multiplier, you can now attain new heights with more returns. This limited pay, regular premium endowment insurance plan offers multiplied growth of potentially 10X or more on your total annual premiums paid1 to help you achieve your life goals and dreams faster. In addition, you’ll be protected against Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Terminal Illness for life - with no medical underwriting required

    Key benefits

    • High potential growth and returns
    • Accumulate or withdraw your cash value on your terms 
    • Assurance with capital guarantee 

  • Great Eastern Flexi Cashback

    Starting your career gives you a steady income stream to do what you love. At the same time, your financial responsibilities are growing, and planning for the future is the smart thing to do.

    A more focused and disciplined financial plan can help you fast track to important milestones like getting married, building a family, or buying a home.

    Flexi Cashback, a regular premium endowment insurance plan, makes it easy for you to kick-start your life plans without compromising on the lifestyle you enjoy. Receive guaranteed yearly cash payouts starting from the end of the second policy year onwards to indulge in whatever you want — whether it’s a big-ticket purchase or a vacation. Plus, you’ll be covered against Death, Total and Permanent Disability, and Terminal Illness, while saving for the future.

    Key benefits

    • High guaranteed yearly cash payouts
    • Flexible premium payment terms 
    • Capital guaranteed upon maturity 

  • Great Eastern Flexi Goal

    As your family grows, you feel responsible for helping your loved ones reach their life goals and aspirations. With rising education costs and living expenses, and the possibility of life-changing events over the years, protecting your family’s future while preparing for your own retirement deserves proper planning.

    Flexi Goal, a regular premium endowment insurance plan, offers high potential returns and flexible premium payment options so that you can plan better and achieve your life goals faster with certainty — whether you want a home upgrade, tertiary education for your children, or a well-deserved golden retirement. You will also enjoy protection against Death, Total and Permanent Disability and Terminal Illness while saving for your future.

    Key benefits

    • High potential returns
    • Capital guaranteed upon maturity
    • Highly customisable plan 

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Required Documents
  • Fees & Charges
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria

    • 21 years and above 
    • Must be Baiduri Bank account holder

  • Required Documents

    Required Documents

    Valid IC or Passport 

  • Fees & Charges

    Fees & Charges

    • Free consultation with our Personal Financial Planner.
    • Fees and Charges vary based on is depending on the types of products.

  • Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    Refer to respective product terms and conditions.

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