A rewarding card that takes you further

Baiduri Mastercard Promotion – A rewarding card that takes you further (Promotion Extended) (this “Promotion”)

1. Promotion Eligibility
1.1 This Promotion is extended to start from 26 August 2018 and ends 30 September 2018, both dates inclusive (the Promotion Period).
1.2 For the purpose of this Promotion, only the following Baiduri Mastercard Credit and Debit Cards are eligible (“Cards”, “a Card”);
  1. Baiduri Mastercard Classic Credit Card
  2. Baiduri Mastercard Platinum Credit Card
  3. Baiduri Mastercard Classic Ladies Credit Card
  4. Baiduri Mastercard Platinum Ladies Credit Card
  5. Baiduri Mastercard Business Classic Credit Card
  6. Baiduri Mastercard Business Platinum Credit Card
1.3 This Promotion is applicable to both Principal and Supplementary Cards, subject to clause 1.2. (“Eligible Cardholders”).
1.4 Eligible Cardholders must have a valid Royal Skies membership account, otherwise they will be required to sign up for an account.
1.5 Staff members of Baiduri Bank and its subsidiary companies are not eligible for this Promotion.
2. Sign-up Offer
2.1 This Offer applies to new applicants who successfully apply for any Baiduri Mastercard Classic or Platinum Credit Card during the Promotion Period and who do not have a Mastercard Credit Card or have not been holding a Mastercard Credit Card in the past 12 months prior to this Promotion (“Successful Applicants”).
2.2 Successful Applicants are entitled to 6 years annual fee waiver.
2.3 Successful Applicants who transfer their card balance from another bank’s credit card will enjoy zero interest on the transferred outstanding balance in the first 6 months.
2.4 This Offer applies to new Principal Card applications. Downgrades, replacements and reinstatements of cards cancelled within 12 months of the Promotion Period are not eligible.
2.5 Successful Applicants must charge a minimum cumulative amount to their new Baiduri Mastercard Credit Cards within one (1) month to be eligible for complimentary Royal Skies miles based on table below. This offer is limited to the first 500 Successful Applicants subject to clause 2.7.
Baiduri Mastercard Credit Card type Cumulative spend requirement Complimentary Royal Skies miles
Classic BND500 3,000
Platinum BND1,000 6,000
2.6 The one (1) month period is calculated from the date the Card is activated.
2.7 Successful Applicants who have reached the minimum cumulative spend requirement will be notified by the Bank. Complimentary Royal Skies miles will be credited into their Royal Skies membership account.
2.8 Successful card applications that are cancelled within the first 12 months of card account opening will incur a penalty. See below.
Card Type Penalty
Mastercard Classic Cards BND100
Mastercard Platinum Cards BND200
3. General
3.1 The terms and conditions of this Promotion may be subject to changes at the discretion of Baiduri Bank.
3.2 The decision by Baiduri Bank on all matters relating to the promotion is final, binding, and conclusive, and no correspondences will be entertained.