Card Centre FAQs
1. Q: What is the minimum payment for the Baiduri Bank Credit Cards?
  A: 8% of outstanding balance, plus monthly installment amount, if any.
2. Q: Are there any interest free days? How many days ?
  A: Yes. Up to 50 days. Applicable only for customers who choose to settle their bills in full.
3. Q: Can I withdraw cash from an ATM using the Baiduri Bank credit card ?
  A: Yes, at any Visa, Mastercard or Amex affiliated ATMs worldwide. There will be a cash advance fee of 3% or BND10 whichever is higher plus cash interest charges
4. Q: What is the cash advance (cash withdrawal) limit for Baiduri Bank Credit Cards?
  A: You are allowed to withdraw up to 100% of your card�s credit limit.
5. Q: What do I do if I lose my card?
  A: Immediately report to our Baiduri Bank Customer Helpline on 244 9666.
6. Q: If I have any queries on my credit card, who shall I contact?
  A: You can call the Baiduri Bank Customer Helpline at 244 9666 or email
7. Q: What is the 0% Instalment Plan?
  A: It is a flexible repayment scheme whereby credit card purchases can be converted into easy instalments at 0% interest
8. Q: Is there any cut-off time to apply or submit a 0% Instalment Plan request?
  A: Any instalment plan request received 7 working days before the next Statement Date will be processed and included in the upcoming statement cycle. Instalment plan requests received later than the stipulated time frame above will only be included in the following month's statement.
9. Q: I have an account with Baiduri Bank / Baiduri Finance, how can I make payment for my credit card?
  A: For convenience purposes, you can set up a standing instruction, pay via ATM , branch counters
or internet banking.
10. Q: I do not have an account with Baiduri Bank / Finance, how can I make payment for my credit card?
  A: You can pay via our CDMs ( cash deposit machine ) and at any of our branch counters.
11. Q: Where can I use my Baiduri Instant Rewards Card?
  A: Just swipe your Instant Rewards card at any participating Baiduri merchant of your choice to pay for any goods or services

Report Lost or Stolen Cards

  • Call 244 9666
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