Multi-currency ATM at the Brunei International Airport

The first of its kind in Brunei, this ATM dispenses currencies such as US Dollar (USD), Euros (EURO), Singapore Dollar (SGD), and Brunei Dollar (BND), providing added convenience to our travelling customers. It is located at the Departure Level of Brunei International Airport.


ATM With Cash Deposit Function

Baiduri ATMs equipped with Cash Deposit function give you the convenience of faster cash deposits at anytime of the day. These machines are available at all our branches.

  • Cash deposits with instant update of account balance, and confirmation receipt issued.
  • Accepts Brunei dollar polymer notes in denominations of BND1, BND5, BND10, BND50 and BND100.
  • Accepts up to 100 pieces per insertion!

With or without a Baiduri card, you can also use the Cash Depositor for:

  • Baiduri Hire Purchase payment
  • Baiduri credit card payment
  • Progresif Cellular bill payment
  • DST bill payment
  • TelBru bill payment
  • DES electric bill payment
  • JKR water bill payment
  • Easi & Progresif Cellular prepaid top-up


ATM With Cheque Deposit Function

Baiduri Bank ATMs now allows you to make cheque deposits into your Personal Savings Account either without a card or by using your ATM Plus Card or Visa Debit Card. This function is now available at all our branches.

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