Frequently Asked Questions on Baiduri Bank e-Banking Centre

1) What is eBanking Centre?

  • The e-Banking Centre is a dedicated centre that handles all your E-Channels queries and complaints for services. 
  • Our eBanking centre also assists customers with payment services such as telegraphic transfers; set up for standing instructions; and payroll facilities.
  • E-Channels services include Baiduri Personal Internet Banking (PIB), Business Internet Banking (BIB) and FAST mobile phone banking.
2) What help is available at the eBanking Centre?

The eBanking Centre;

  • Assists you with registration for any e-Channels services, including PIB, BIB and FAST.  Our well trained eBanking staff will ensure that your eChannel services are working fine before you leave the centre.
  • Conducts Live Demos for Personal iBanking and FAST Mobile Banking upon requests.
  • Conducts presentations on how to use Business Internet Banking features to companies upon requests.
  • Handles any complaints or queries about Baiduri eChannels services.

3) What do I do if I need help navigation through the Internet Banking functions and features?

  • If you need help navigating through any of our E-Channels services, our well trained staff can take you through an online demo.
4) How can I contact the e-Banking Centre?

  • You can call 242 5644 during office hours
    (Monday – Friday, 8.30AM to 5.30PM and Saturday, 8.30AM to 12.30PM)
5) What do I do if I need assistance AFTER office hours?

  • You can contact us by emailing ebanking@baiduri.com and our eBanking representatives will attend to your queries and complaints the next working day.
6) Where is the eBanking Centre located?

  • The eBanking Centre is located at Block B, Unit 4, 1st Floor, Kiarong Complex, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam.

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