Wealth Management FAQs

1. What is Wealth Management?
Wealth Management is a professional service with combination of Financial & investment advice through proper planning and management.

2. What is Financial Health check?
It helps you to identify your financial needs and assist you in making informed decisions.  Doing a Financial Health check is similar to that of a medical check-up.  While the medical health check-up assesses your medical condition, the Baiduri Financial Health check assesses your financial situation.

3. What is an investment product?  Is it the same as a Deposit account?
An Investment product is not the same as a Deposit account as it comes with risk. Hence, risk profiling and client suitability assessment are always required when you subscribe to any investment product.  An Investment product can have a tenure ranging from a medium to long term investment.  Early upliftment / redemption will always incur heavy losses, which might affect the principal amount.  Before you subscribe to any investment product, you have to think whether the product is appropriate for you.  Any products which provide you with high returns always involve high risk.  There are various types of investment products, such as Unit Trust, Structured Product or Currency Linked investment product, with different tenures and objectives.

4. What do you mean by Savings, Investment and Protection?  Do you have such types of product / service?
We have products which linked to savings, protection and investment.  For example, AIA Optimizer or Investment Growth Plan. This product contains features of savings, protection as in Life Insurance and investment as in choosing the three types of funds (AIA Brunei Growth fund, Balance fund, and Conservative fund).

5. What type of services do we offer to the public?
Financial Health check and Financial Health review booklet (inclusive of AIA LAP report).

6. What is the minimum premium payment for AIA Life Insurance product?
It depends on which policy that you are comfortable with in meeting your financial objectives. For example, you can arrange to set aside $100 or $150 each month.

7. What is the difference between buying insurance from Baiduri Bank and from an Agent?
It is basically the same.  The only difference is that you are buying from the Bank, not from an individual Agent, who might easily leave the company.  The Bank’s Bancassurance Agent is always there to serve you.  Our Wealth Management Centre is located at 2nd Floor, Baiduri Bank Kiulap Branch.

8. Will I get the sum insured if I buy the AIA Optimizer or Investment Growth Plan from your Bank as the products are linked to selected funds?
In Investment of funds, we can never predict its performance.  The sum insured is applicable and payable upon the decease of the policyholder.  If you wish to surrender the policy, you will get the returns based on number of years you have kept the policy and the performance of the selected funds.

9. Do we need to have an account with Baiduri Bank in order to buy the Life Insurance policy?
It is not necessary.  For your own convenience in payment of premium, it is advisable for you to have an account with the Bank so any charges can be debited from your account.
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