As your financial partner, we offer a range of world-class, innovative banking products and services to help you manage your personal finances.
Deposits   Loans
Choose from a variety of deposits to suit your needs and objectives.
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Savings Account
Fixed Deposit
Current Account
Affordable financing packages tailored to meet your ability and requirements.
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Personal Loan
Computer Loan
Home Refinancing Loan
Property Investment Loan
Education Loan
Home Ownership Loan
Home Equity Loan

Baiduri Prestige   Financial Planning
Your esteemed status as a Baiduri Prestige member unlocks the doors to a world of exclusive privileges and benefits - meticulously curated to complement your desired lifestyle and banking requirements.
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Maximise your returns with our carefully selected investment products.
Wealth Management Products

Card Centre   Services
Baiduri Bank is one of the largest providers of financial products in Brunei who holds franchise to major card brands including Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay – the most card brands offered by any bank in Brunei providing you the widest range of payment cards to meet your needs.
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Credit Cards
Debit and Prepaid Cards
Instant Reward Program
Financing Programs
Frequently Asked Questions
General Tariffs
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Take advantage of our services! Enjoy the convenience and focus more on what truly matters to you the most.

Western Union Money Transfer    
The fast way to send and receive money worldwide.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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