05 May 2023

As part of Baiduri Bank’s efforts to support the nationwide digitalisation of payments, the Bank has partnered with global payment brand UnionPay to launch Baiduri Qpay.

Baiduri Qpay is embedded in the Bank’s award-winning Baiduri b.Digital Personal mobile banking app and allows customers to make payments by simply scanning a UnionPay Quick Response (QR) Code via their smartphones.

Baiduri Qpay works with the UnionPay QR Code that is based on the global EMVCo. standards and offers many benefits. It offers a quick, convenient and secure contactless payment method for consumers, while also offering a payment method that is faster and easier to use and set up for merchants. This new product is tailored towards security, mobility, convenience and provides a digital and cost-effective solution for both individuals and small businesses.

How to pay with Baiduri Qpay using UnionPay QR Code

  1. To use Baiduri Qpay, customers will need to have a Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance account linked to a valid UnionPay debit card, which they can bind to Baiduri Qpay in their Baiduri b.Digital Personal mobile app.
  2. Once this is set up, customers can either scan the merchant's QR Code or present their UnionPay QR Code to be scanned to make their payments.
  3. The funds will then be deducted from the linked account via Baiduri Qpay seamlessly and there is no need to top up or settle any monthly bills.
Baiduri Qpay can be used at over 40 million merchants worldwide, including popular travel destinations such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, or anywhere in 45 markets that accepts UnionPay QR Code for payments.

Besides the direct benefits of having a secured payment solution, initiatives such as this also directly support the strategies under Brunei Wawasan 2035 in promoting the growth of entrepreneurship and further solidify the country’s efforts to become a smart nation.

Baiduri Qpay is not the Bank’s first foray into a partnership with UnionPay International (UPI). Earlier in May 2021, it announced the launch of DSTPay – Baiduri Bank and UPI’s first QR Code payment solution in Brunei that features a tripartite collaboration of a bank, a telecommunications service provider and an international payment network.

Lim Kian Chiong, Head of Retail Banking, Baiduri Bank, said that Baiduri Qpay is part of the Bank’s efforts to tap into its international network of partners to actively support the Digital Payment Roadmap initiated by Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) under one of its strategic initiatives to drive digital transformation for consumers and businesses in Brunei.

He said: “Baiduri Qpay is aimed at providing greater convenience for our customers to make payments for goods and services both locally and overseas and is a great alternative to the more traditional credit and debit cards. By now, most people are more used to scanning QR Codes and this will definitely help drive the adoption of QR payments.”

He also added: “Our collaboration with UnionPay to launch our very own first digital wallet has moved us one step closer to becoming a cashless society, and we hope that through more partnerships like this, we can continue to foster the digital transformation of payment options in Brunei.”

Meanwhile, David Chong, Assistant General Manager, UnionPay International South East Asia, said: “UnionPay is pleased to launch a second mobile wallet in Brunei with our long-trusted partner Baiduri Bank, and to play a part in supporting Brunei Darussalam Central Bank’s Digital Payment Roadmap.

“The timing of this wallet couldn’t be better – just when countries in many parts of the world are opening up and lifting border restrictions. As more Bruneians resume international travels, we hope they will actively use the Baiduri Qpay to scan UnionPay QR Codes at their favourite travel destinations to enjoy a convenient, safe and seamless mobile payment experience.”


Contact our customer support team if you have any further questions. We are here to help you.

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