20 January 2022

In recognising and celebrating the first batch of apprentices for the Graduate Apprenticeship Programme (GAP), Baiduri Bank held a graduation ceremony for the apprentices who recently completed the 6-month programme yesterday afternoon.

The event was held at the Baiduri Community Space in Baiduri Bank Headquarters and was attended by the apprentices, various Heads of Departments and members of the Bank’s Management Committee.

During the event, the apprentices received certificates from the Bank to officially certify that they completed the programme, and each apprentice had a chance to give the audience a short presentation of their journey and growth in the programme, which included a recap of all the various events they were involved in. The event ended with a group photo.

Three apprentices have been offered permanent employment with the Bank Group, while the rest have secured interviews with other companies.

Hasanah Awang Abdul Harith, who is now in the Internal Audit Department, said: “One of the most important lessons this programme has taught me is to not let my fear of failure stop me from trying. My experience here constantly reminds me that not everything will go according to plan, but I just need to trust the process – which are good lessons to bring into the working world!”

Meanwhile, Wasimatul Sabirah Haji Harsan said that the programme helped her to become more adaptable to different situations and to step out of her own comfort zone. She said: “I learnt to be open-minded with things that are new or out of my comfort zone and I learned how to be more confident in bouncing back from mistakes I’ve made at work. Everyone makes mistakes, but what’s important is to learn from them.”

In his opening remarks, Mr Ti Eng Hui, CEO of Baiduri Bank lauded the apprentices for completing the programme and all their contributions to the Bank over the course of last year. He also mentioned how in demand programmes like GAP are and how they add value to the professional development of local graduates.

This is also in support of Goal 1 for Wawasan Brunei 2035, reflecting the national aspiration to be widely recognised for an educated, highly skilled, and accomplished workforce.

He said: “GAP offers a unique opportunity for recent graduates to gain valuable working experience and give them a firmer foothold in the job market.

“Throughout their time here, our apprentices have not only attended courses aimed at helping them acquire soft skills such as effective communication, project management, and effective teamwork to enhance their overall work readiness, but they’ve also had the chance to be very involved with our initiatives to give back to the community.”

GAP is a 6-month holistic learning and development programme aimed at providing recent graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to increase their employability in the local job market.

Over 270 applications were received during the first intake of the programme early last year, and after a selection process involving written assessments and an interview, the Bank Group welcomed 11 apprentices into the programme last April.

Successful applicants join the Programme as ‘apprentices’, embarking on a series of classroom learning activities where they will be introduced to the banking world and gain comprehensive knowledge of various financial products and services. They will also attend courses aimed at helping them acquire soft skills to enhance their overall work readiness.

These apprentices will subsequently undergo on-the-job training in different departments within the Bank Group, designed to offer them first-hand experience of the inner workings of a financial institution.

Apprentices will also be involved in projects that would positively impact the local community through the Bank Group’s various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

At the end of the programme, apprentices may apply for suitable vacancies within Baiduri Bank Group or pursue their careers with other organisations in various industries.

Applications for the next cycle of the programme closed last month, and the new apprentices will be announced in the coming months.


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