03 May 2021

In the second event of the ‘Let’s Give Back This Ramadhan’ series, Baiduri Bank organised a shopping excursion and iftar for 8 underprivileged families in the Belait district.

The families in the Belait district were identified through Majlis Kesejahteraan Masyarakat (MKM) Brunei, a non-profit organisation established to address social issues in Brunei by providing assistance to improve the welfare of the vulnerable in the country. The ‘Let’s Give Back This Ramadhan’ initiative aims to provide relief for selected underprivileged families in the four districts by taking them shopping for household and basic necessities in preparation for Hari Raya.
The event was held at Soon Lee Megamart Pandan, Kuala Belait today.

Pg Azaleen PD Hj Mustapha, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Business Development), Baiduri Bank said, “In the spirit of collaboration, we’ve partnered with supermarkets for the shopping spree experience, restaurants for iftar and Dart Brunei for the transportation of the families to and from their homes to the respective venues. This annual initiative helps alleviate the financial burden of these families.”

He further elaborated, “In this month of giving, we hope to provide these families, and insya Allah continue to provide more families from all districts, with some peace of mind and joy as they prepare for the upcoming Hari Raya festivities.”

The event concluded with iftar at Serikandi Café and Restaurant for the families, members of the media and Baiduri Bank volunteers.

The next event will be held for Tutong families on Monday, 26 April 2021.
As part of the Bank’s pledge to co-create with the community, this year’s ‘Let’s Give Back This Ramadhan’ series witnesses partnership with not just MKM Brunei, but also with Dart Brunei, Brunei’s No.1 ride hailing booking service, with the aim of supporting local enterprises.


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