25 February 2021

Demonstrating its commitment to proactively help fresh graduates kickstart their careers, Baiduri Bank rolled out the Graduate Apprentice Programme (GAP) today.

GAP is a 6-month holistic learning and development programme aimed at providing recent graduates with the necessary knowledge, skill and experience that will increase their employability in the local job market.

The Programme is divided into two main parts – a classroom component and job rotations within Baiduri Bank.

Successful applicants will join the Programme as ‘Apprentices’, embarking on a series of classroom learning activities where they will be introduced to the banking world and gain comprehensive knowledge of various financial products and services. They will also attend courses aimed at helping them acquire soft skills such as effective communication, project management, teamwork and collaboration to enhance their overall work readiness.

These apprentices will then undergo on-the-job training in different departments within the Bank, designed to offer them first-hand experience of the inner workings of a financial institution. At the end of the 6-month programme, apprentices may apply for any suitable vacancies within Baiduri Bank Group or pursue their careers with other organisations in the industry.

As part of the robust learning and development programme, apprentices will also be involved in projects that would positively impact the local community through Baiduri Bank’s various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Throughout this process, apprentices will receive full support and mentorship from their managers and colleagues.

GAP is a strong testament to Baiduri Bank’s commitment to assist recent graduates by helping them to develop employability skills and a learning mindset. This is also in support of Goal 1 for Wawasan Brunei 2035, reflecting the national aspiration to be widely recognised for an educated, highly skilled and accomplished workforce.

Speaking on the programme, Ms Veronica Chong, Head of Group Human Resources and Administration said: “GAP provides graduates with a broad exposure to real-world working environment, while helping them build transferable soft skills that they can apply in any working environment.

"Through completing this programme, we hope that recent graduates will gain valuable work experience and skill sets to help them secure their future careers in the financial services industry, or other industries.”

Meanwhile, Mr Ti Eng Hui, CEO of Baiduri Bank spoke about the evolving challenges the nation is facing, and how this Programme is part of the Bank’s initiative to help recent graduates be ready to face these challenges as they come.

He said: “GAP offers a unique opportunity for recent graduates to gain valuable working experience and give them a firmer foothold in the job market. It is our hope that GAP will play a role in creating an adaptable and skilled workforce that’s ready to take on any challenge in the future.”

GAP is open to Bruneian citizens or permanent residents who have graduated in the last three years with a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree and possess no prior working experience. Candidates also need to be well-rounded with diverse interests and talents and be adaptable to learn in a fast-paced environment.

Those interested in applying can find out more information from Baiduri Bank’s website and send their resume to [email protected] by 28 February 2021.

The Bank is also holding an ‘Open Day’ on Saturday, 27 February 2021 at the Baiduri Bank Headquarters. Graduates interested in applying for GAP will have the opportunity to get to know more about the programme and network by speaking to local university alumni who are current employees of Baiduri Bank Group.

There will also be a short workshop focusing on CV writing and valuable interview tips for graduates to improve their own personal branding.


Contact our customer support team if you have any further questions. We are here to help you.

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