Trading Account

General Fees and Tariffs




Minimum opening deposit
BND 1,000
Stamp duty (mandatory)

commission rates and fees


Broker Assisted 4

Online Trading


  • BND20 and 0.65% or Min BND55
Contract Value
Up to SGD50,0000.35% or Min SGD35
SGD50,001 - SGD100,0000.28%
Above SGD100,0000.21%

All transactions are subject to the following fees;

Clearing fees - 0.0325%
SGX Access fees - 0.0075%
SGX Settlement instruction fee - SGD0.35 per settlement

  • BND20 and 0.65% or Min USD40
  • 0.55% or Min USD30

Fees Payable;

  • Financial Transaction Tax - Tax 0.3% (Buy trades only, applicable for French ADRs2 with market cap of EUR 1 billion or more)
  • American Depository Receipt (ADR) / Depository (DR) Fees - 0.1% (Buy trades only, applicable for Italian ADRs2 with market cap of EUR 500 million or more)

American Depository Receipt2 (ADR) / Depository Receipt (DR) fee varies for each counter

For sell trades only

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Fees - (For sell trades only)5 : 0.00229%

Trading Activities Fee - (For sell trades only) : $0.000145 per share for each sale of a covered equity security, with a maximum charge of $7.27 per trade

China A Shares 
  • BND20 and 0.65% or Min CNY250*
  • 0.55% or Min CNY200*

Fees Payable:

  • Handling Fee - 0.00487%
  • Securities Management Fee - 0.002%
  • Transfer Fee (ChinaClear) – 0.001% of the consideration of a transaction per side
  • Transfer Fee (CCASS) – 0.002% of the consideration of a transaction per side
  • Portfolio Fee – Daily stock portfolio value x 0.008% / 365 (Accrued daily and collected on a monthly basis in BND equivalent, charged by Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited)

For sell trades only

Stamp Duty - 0.1% of the consideration of a transaction on the seller

Hong Kong3
  • BND20 and 0.65% or Min HKD330
  • 0.55% or Min HKD240

Fees Payable:

  • Transaction Levy - 0.0027% (rounded to the nearest cent)
  • Trading Fee - 0.005% (rounded to the nearest cent)
  • Stamp Duty7 - 0.13% (rounded to the nearest dollar)
  • CCASS Fee6 - 0.002% (subject to minimum HKD2.00 and maximum of HKD100.00, rounded to the nearest cent)

  • BND20 and 0.65% or Min MYR150
  • 0.55% or Min MYR110

Fees Payable:

  • Clearing Fee - 0.03% (round up to nearest cent, Max MYR1,000 per contract)*
  • Stamp Duty8 - 0.15% (round up to nearest dollar, Max MYR1,000 per contract)*

*Note: All foreign currency settlements will be made in Brunei Dollars only.

  • 1With effect from 1 January 2022, Malaysia's Sales and Services Tax (SST) of 6% will no longer be imposed on intermediary brokerages fees.
  • 2An ADR is a stock that trades in the United States but represents a specified number of shares in a foreign corporation. ADR agents (banks and investment banks) purchase stocks on foreign exchanges and then sell receipts for these shares on American exchanges. ADR agents charge these ADR fees to compensate for inventorying the foreign stocks and all other costs involving registration, compliance and recordkeeping services. The ADR Fees will vary for each counter and you will be billed according to the shareholdings for each ADR share.
  • 3Price listing will not be available for this exchange, however you may still place your order. You may wish to view pricing using other means prior to placing your orders, such as and
  • 4For all Broker Assisted deals, the difference in the commission charge between Broker Assisted transaction(s) and online transaction(s) will be charged to the settlement account (which includes any savings or current account with Baiduri Bank or MTSA/MRSA with Baiduri Finance) as provided for the purpose of Securities Trading transaction.
  • 5Trades on U.S. markets with settlement dates on or after 14 May 2021 would incur the revised SEC fee of 0.00229%
  • Trades on Hong Kong markets with settlement dates on or after 28 May 2018 would incur the revised CCASS fee of 0.002% (Min HKD2.00, Max HKD100.00)

  • Trades on HKEx markets with settlement dates on and after 1st August 2021 will incur the revised Stamp Duty fee of 0.13% instead of 0.10%
  • 8Trades on Bursa Malaysia markets with settlement dates on and after 1 January 2022 will incur the revised Stamp Duty fee of 0.15% instead of 0.1% and incur no Sales and Service Tax.

Note: Sales & Services Tax (SST) will be applied to commission charges. Commission and exchange fees may be subject to change without prior notice.

We reserve the right to impose other charges which may not be included in the above list and reserve the right to revise the published fees and charges from time to time.




Cash Dividend
1% on net dividend subject to Min of BND1.00 and capped at BND53.50 and Foreign broker fees (if applicable)
Scrip Dividend
BND10.00 + Foreign broker fees (if applicable)




Cash Offer, Rights issue, Privatisation Exercise, Merger & Exchange, Cash in Lieu, Liquidation, Redemption of Warrant, Loan Stock or Bonds, Capital Distribution, Tender Sales, Warrant Conversation
BND10.00 + Foreign broker fees  (if applicable)




  • BND2 per stock up to a max. of BND150 per quarter
  • Monthly charges are automatically waived if there are at least
    1. two trades in your trading account in the same calendar month
    2. six trades in your trading account in the same calendar quarter
    3. BND132 of paid brokerages in the same calendar quarter
Custody Charge is applicable to all shares except SGX shares.




  • BND15 per quarter
  • Quarterly trading activity is assessed at Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec month end
  • Quarterly charges are automatically waived if there are at least one trades per quarter for the account
Quarterly Maintenance Charge is only applicable for those who are holding SGX shares.


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