Online Safety Tips

Online Safety Tips
  • Online Security Tips
  • ATM Safety Tips
  • Online Security Tips
    What you should always do:

    • Ensure that you have installed the latest anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewalls software on your computer and update them on a regular basis.
    • Ensure that you have the latest security updated and patches on your computer’s Operating System.
    • Ensure that you update your browser to the latest versions.
    • It is advisable to manually type in full website address on the search tab, otherwise save the correct address to your Favourite Website lists on your browser.
    • While conducting secure online transactions, you should expect to see a Security Lock icon during authentication and encryption procedures.
    • You should always log off and close the web browsers after you have submitted an application or concluded a secure online session.
    • It is advisable to clear your browser cache regularly.
    • Activate your Automatic Pop Up blocker and follow only trusted sites to allow Pop Ups.
    • Turn on automatic updates of hot fixes and security patches on your browser.
    • Turn off the computer or disconnect from the internet when not in use.
    • Be mindful of nearby persons or “shoulder surfers” when using online banking security.
    • Notify the Bank immediately of suspicious phone inquiries or emails such as those asking you to verify personal account information on the internet.

    What you should avoid doing:

    • Do not install software or run programs of an unknown origin.
    • Do not select the options on browsers for storing usernames and password.
  • ATM Safety Tips

    Baiduri Bank’s Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) provide for a convenient means to withdraw cash, make cash or cheque deposits, make bills, hire purchase and credit card payments, top up your mobile or prepaid electricity and much more.

    Baiduri Bank takes careful measures to ensure your experience is a safe one such as:

    • Placing ATMs in areas that are visible by passers-by,
    • Providing good lighting for use during night-time,
    • Installing security cameras,
    • Limiting the amount of cash that can be withdrawn.

    However, even with all these measures in place, ATMs are still high targets for crime and malicious acts, so it is best to be aware and cautious and reduce the risks of fraudulent activities.

    ATM Card Skimming

    What is it?

    ATM Card Skimming is a fraudulent practice where the perpetrator installs a device over the card slot of an ATM. This device is able to read and capture data from the magnetic strip on the back of an ATM card as a user unknowingly inserts their card into the machine.
    The devices used are smaller than a deck of cards and are often fastened in close proximity to or over the top of an ATM’s factory-installed card reader.

    What is Pin Capturing?

    These devices are often used together with a miniature camera, normally attached unnoticeably to the ATM, to capture footage of when the user enters their PIN.
    Once captured, the electronic data is put onto a fraudulent card and the captured PIN is used to withdraw money from accounts

    General Facts on ATM Skimming Attacks:

    • Criminals tend to attach skimming devices either late at night or early in the morning and during periods of low traffic;
    • Skimming devices are usually attached for only a few hours;
    • Criminals install equipment on at least 2 regions of an ATM to capture both the ATM card number and the PIN;
    • Criminals then sit nearby receiving the information transmitted wirelessly via the devices (installed on the ATM)

    What you can do? - Take precautions.

    • Use your hands or any object on hand to shield your other hand when entering your PIN.

    The images above are an exact angle view of what a miniature camera capture. When you cover the keypad, the thieves will not be able to capture the PIN you have keyed in.

    • Inspect the ATM & all areas of its fascia for unusual or non-standard appearance.
    • Be wary of suspicious people or vehicles at ATM surroundings.
    • If you notice unusual objects or anything suspicious attached to ATMs, report the matter to us immediately.

    Security Services Section - 226 8110


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