DragonPass Benefits

for Royal Brunei Visa Cards by Baiduri Bank

As a Royal Brunei Visa Cardholder, you are entitled to exclusive DragonPass privileges. Check out what type of privileges you get with your card.

Royal Brunei Visa Infinite Credit Card

Royal Brunei Visa Platinum Credit Card

Royal Brunei Visa Platinum Debit Card





Complimentary visits for Principal Cardholder




Complimentary visits for one (1) nominated Supplementary Cardholder only




Accumulated spend requirement for earned Free Visit requirement




Purchase of Visits





Lounge Access

Gain access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide with your complimentary lounge visits.

You can also purchase additional lounge visits for yourself or your guest once your complimentary visits have been fully utilised.
Dining Discounts
Enjoy discounts up to 50% at over 800 dining
outlets in airports worldwide**.

Limousine Service
Reserve limousine service available at over 300 key cities worldwide with 10% discount on DragonPass retail price.

Membership Account Management

Enjoy additional features that allow you to manage your membership through the app. These include managing your cards on file and resetting your password.

Meet and Greet Service
Reserve Meet & Greet service available at over 120 airports worldwide with 10% discount on DragonPass retail price.

Enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts in worldwide airport lounges and restaurants. Travel with your Visa card and enhance your airport experience with Airport Companion.
  1. Download the Airport Companion mobile app available on AppStore or Google Play
  2. Register your card on the mobile app.
  • How It Works
  • Terms & Conditions
  • How It Works
    Check out this Quick Guide on how to use the Airport Companion mobile app.

  • Terms & Conditions

    dragonpass privileges Terms & Conditions
    • For Royal Brunei Visa Credit Cards, only one nominated supplementary cardholder will be awarded DragonPass privileges.
    • Each principal and nominated supplementary cardholder will only be entitled to one DragonPass membership. In the event that a cardholder holds both Royal Brunei Visa Infinite Credit Card as well as a Royal Brunei Visa Platinum Credit Card, the DragonPass membership will only be awarded to one card being the highest card type.
    • Spend based lounge visits will be awarded based on retail spending made in currencies other than Brunei Dollars. This does not include online spending, cash withdrawals as well as fees and charges billed to the credit card.
    • Purchase of visits must be made to the Royal Brunei Visa Credit Card linked to the DragonPass membership.
    • **Details for dining discount privileges will be various depending on individual program. Refer to Airport Companion mobile app for details. Excludes pre-security lounges and restaurants.
    • Passport and Boarding Pass must be presented to enjoy the DragonPass privileges.
    • Cardholders must comply to the lounge terms and conditions as stated in the DragonPass App
    • Baiduri Bank has the right to delete memberships if there is more than one supplementary cardholder enrolled under the Principal Cardholder's DragonPass membership account.
    • Baiduri Bank and DragonPass have the right to add or amend any of the terms and conditions without due notice to customers

    Overseas spend rewards program

    Check out the terms and conditions for this Overseas Spend Rewards Program.


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