Instant Rewards
Endless Rewards at over 2,000 participating establishments nationwide.


We have updated the terms and conditions for our Instant Rewards Programme effective 14 June 2021. Check it out here.

With Baiduri Instant Rewards Programme, the rewards are endless. Redeem your dream rewards instantly at over 2,000 participating establishments nationwide. Best of all, your points never expire!

  • Bonus Points

    You will earn bonus points for all your card spending. Depending on the type of cards you hold, a minimum spending per transaction and a multiplier will apply.

    • Classic - 2X
    • Platinum - 4X
    • Infinite - 5X
  • Converting Points to Cash Value 

    Your bonus points will be automatically converted into cash value and credited to your Baiduri Instant Rewards Card on your card statement date. 

    10 Bonus Points = 1 Baiduri$ = BND1

  • How to Redeem

    Swipe your Instant Rewards Card at any participating establishments upon payment. You can redeem as little or as much as you like, for whatever you like! 

    You can also redeem your rewards with travel miles 

    Royal Skies miles - For every 20 Baiduri Dollars converted, you can earn 1,000 Royal Skies miles.

    Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer - For every 30 Baiduri Dollars converted, you can earn 1,000 KrisFlyer miles.

    To redeem, simply submit your request at any Baiduri Bank branch. 


  • Redeem your points instantly and at participating merchants
  • Best rewards in town
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Fees & Charges
  • Terms & Conditions
  • More Info
  • Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria

    All Baiduri debit and credit cardholders except: 

    • Baiduri Smart Executive Mastercard Platinum Debit Card
    • Baiduri Smart Executive Visa Platinum Credit Card 
    • Baiduri Prestige Visa Infinite Prestige Credit Card 
    • Baiduri Prestige Mastercard World Debit Card 

  • Fees & Charges

    Fees & Charges

    BND 15 one-time personalization one-time fee (optional)

  • Terms & Conditions
  • More Info

    More Info

    How do I get a Baiduri Instant Rewards Card?

    If you hold an eligible and valid Baiduri Debit or Credit Card, simply visit your nearest Baiduri Bank branch and your Instant Rewards Card will be issued immediately.

    Are there any charges for the Instant Rewards the Card?
    The Instant Rewards Card is available to eligible Cardholders free of charge. If you want your Instant Rewards card personalized, a one-time fee of BND15 will apply.

    How do I know the current balance in my Baiduri Instant Rewards Card?
    You will be able to see your balance in your monthly Instant Rewards statement. If you have an online banking account with us, you will be able to keep track of your balance easily. If your Instant Rewards Card is not linked to your Baiduri b,Digital Personal account yet, you may request to do so by leaving a message in the “Email to Bank” tab.

    Do my points expire?
    Your points will not expire as long as your Baiduri Debit or Credit Card remains valid.

    Can my supplementary cardholder earn bonus points?
    Yes. Bonus points earned under supplementary card will be reflected in the primary cardholder’s Instant Rewards Account.


Contact our customer support team if you have any further questions. We are here to help you.

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