Find out your Saving Personality!

What is your saving personality?
When evaluating your financial health, determining your money personality — the way you think, feel and behave toward finances — is a great place to start. What’s your saving personality? We came up with 10! Find out which type you are with this light-hearted quiz.

It's payday! What is the first thing you spend on?
Next week is your birthday, you…
You inherited $1 million. What do you do with it?
Besides necessities like groceries, clothing and shelter, what do you spend most of your cash on?
When I want a certain item but it's not within my budget:
Do you worry about money?
You often wonder where your money has gone
When I feel sad, spending money:
Your phone is 2 years old.
Your car suddenly broke down. What is the first thing that comes to your mind?
Your saving personality is
The Semangat-At-First
Are you the kind of person who’s eager to save at first and then loses interest a few weeks later? Don’t worry, you are not alone. You just need to develop healthy and sustainable saving habits! For the Semangat-At-First Savers, to keep the momentum going, start by setting realistic saving goals and breaking the goals into smaller targets that are easier to achieve.
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