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    Who is Baiduri Capital?
    Baiduri Capital Sdn Bhd is a licensed entity wholly owned by Baiduri Bank and is part of the Baiduri Bank Group. Baiduri Capital is holding the Capital Markets Services License (CMSL) issued by Brunei Darussalam Central Bank (BDCB) under the Securities Markets Order, 2013. We offer a range of global investment services and is the first to offer Online Securities Trading in the Brunei market. Through its innovative online Securities Trading portal, you have the opportunity to invest in major stock markets including Singapore (SGX), Hong Kong (HKEx), Malaysia (Bursa Malaysia) and the US stock markets.
    What does Baiduri Capital offer?
    Baiduri Capital offers dealer-assisted and online securities trading. Our innovative and secure online trading portal allows you to obtain quotes, place orders and review your account status and balance anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you can also obtain company reports and research the companies you are interested in.

    We also offer a range of other investment solutions to meet your needs, including unit trusts, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Investment Linked Life Insurance Plans and bonds.
    Which markets are available for online trading?
    You can trade on all stocks listed on the seven (7) exchanges below:
    • Bursa Malaysia, Malaysia
    • Singapore Exchange, Singapore
    • Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong
    • NASDAQ, United States
    • New York Stock Exchange, United States
    • NYSE MKT LLC (AMEX), United States
    • Shanghai Stock Exchange-A VIA Shanghai – Hong Kong Stock Connect, China A Shares
    Where is Baiduri Capital located?
    The Baiduri Capital office is located at:

    Unit LG.01, Baiduri Bank Headquarters
    1 Jalan Gadong
    Bandar Seri Begawan BA 1511
    How do I contact Baiduri Capital?
    What are Baiduri Capital's business hours?
    Our business hours are:

    Monday to Thursday: 9:00am – 5.00pm
    Friday: 9:00am - 12:00pm and 2:00pm - 5:00pm
    Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed
    How do I get started with Baiduri Capital?
    You will need to have an account with either Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance, please see below for types of accounts:

    • Baiduri Bank Savings account
    • Baiduri Bank Current account
    • Baiduri Finance Multi-Tier Savings Account
    • Baiduri Finance Multi-Rate Savings Account

    *Product terms and conditions apply.

    If you have any of the above accounts, you can start your investing journey with us. You are welcome to call or visit us during business hours for an obligation-free consultation.
    How much is the initial or minimum deposit required to start investing with Baiduri Capital?
    Generally, Baiduri Capital’s products require minimum starting amount of BND1,000. You may view our Tariffs page to see the minimum amount for each product
    What is Client Profile Questionnaire?
    The Client Profile Questionnaire is where you will be given sets of questions to answer to assess your risk appetite. This allows us to offer you products which match your risk appetite.
    I am new to investments; can you provide recommendations?
    We are unable to provide any recommendations, but we can explain the features and details of the investment. Once you have made your choices, we will proceed for action as per your request.
    What is Securities Trading?
    Securities Trading is where you can buy or sell stocks/shares of a company in the available stock exchanges.
    What are the documents required to sign up for a Securities Trading account with Baiduri Capital?
    You may refer here for the required documents.

    You are also required to complete and sign the W-8Ben Form before you can start trading in the U.S. markets.

    For more information on the W-8Ben Form, please click here.

    To download the W-8Ben Form, please click here.
    Can I trade in the U.S markets through Baiduri Capital’s online securities trading portal if I am a U.S. resident/U.S. Citizen?
    Trading in the U.S. markets via our online securities trading portal is only available to non-U.S. residents/citizens.
    Can I continue to trade in the U.S. markets if I subsequently become a U.S. resident/U.S. citizen/U.S. taxpayer?
    Please note that trading in the U.S. markets via our online securities trading portal is only available to non-U.S. residents/citizens. You are required to notify Baiduri Capital should there are any changes in your residency/citizenship status.
    How much is the initial or minimum deposit required to open a trading account with Baiduri Capital?
    A minimum deposit of BND1,000 is required to open a Baiduri Capital trading account. Your trade limit is based on the total deposit that you place in your trading account.
    Where do I register or sign up to open a trading account?
    You may contact us during office hours to book for appointment and we will prepare the necessary documents for you to sign. Also, please bring along the required documents.
    When can I start trading?
    After you have opened your Securities Trading account and made your initial deposit, you may start trading within 2 business days* for Asia Market and 3 business days for U.S Market.

    *If the request is made before 11:00am, it will be reflected in your account after 2 business days. Otherwise, it will be processed the next business day and therefore reflected in your account 2 business days later.
    Do you provide any training for the Securities Trading Account once it is setup?
    We do not provide any training or recommendations for purchasing or selling of shares in Trading Account. However, we will guide you with a walkthrough for the platform. If you have any difficulties in using the platform, kindly contact us at +673 226 8588 or email us at [email protected].

    What are the minimum system requirements for Baiduri Capital’s online securities trading portal?
    You will need at least the following:

    • A PC or Mac
    • 128MB RAM
    • Window Vista/7/8/10/11 Desktop/ Server 2008/ Mac OS X v10.6
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or above, Mozilla Firefox 17 or above, Safari 5 and above, Chrome V25 and above
    • JVM (Java Virtual Machine) V7u21 or above
    • Adobe Reader 8.2 or above
    • Internet Connection

    What are the trading hours of Foreign Stock Exchanges?



    Trading Hours (Brunei Time)

    9:00am - 5:00pm
    Hong Kong
    Morning Session : 9:00am - 12:00pm
    Afternoon Session : 1:00pm - 4:00pm
    Bursa Malaysia
    Morning Session : 9:00am - 12:30pm
    Afternoon Session : 2:30pm - 4:45pm
    China A Shares
    SSE-A VIA SH-HK Stock Connect
    Morning Session : 9:30am - 11:30am
    Afternoon Session : 1:00pm - 3:00pm
    United States
    10:30pm - 5:00am
    9:30pm - 4:00am (During Daylight Saving Time*)
    *Daylight Saving Time starts on the second Sunday of March to the first Sunday of November
    What are the charges involved with Securities Trading?
    You may refer the charges to our tariffs page here.
    What is multi-currency settlement?
    Multi-currency settlement is a feature that is set by default when you open your trading account. It offers the convenience of maintaining foreign currency balances (SGD, USD, HKD and MYR ) for managing investments denominated in those currencies. Your transactions can be settled either in the traded currency or in SGD. However, it is important to ensure that your account has sufficient funds in the settlement currency to avoid incurring interest on debit balances.
    What are the prevailing debit interest rates?


    Interest on Debit Balance


    6.00% p.a


    7.00% p.a


    7.00% p.a


    No debit balance allowed

    How do I select the multi-currency settlement?
    Once the trading account is opened, you will be provided with a list of available alternate currency settlements. You may select your choice of currency from the drop-down list when placing your trades (buy or sell). If no selection is made, the default currency for all settlements will be SGD.

    Please make sure to take note of the chosen settlement currency when placing a trade (buy or sell). Once the trade is executed, the transaction will be settled in the selected currency. Please be informed that any executed trades cannot be edited or reversed.
    How do I check the balance of the respective currencies in my trading account?
    To check your available balance in the respective currencies, please log in to your trading platform and navigate to the ACCT MGMT tab. From there, select ACCOUNT DETAILS.
    What currency will I receive when selling US stocks in USD?
    When you are placing a sell trade in US stocks, and you select USD as your settlement currency, you will receive your proceeds in USD.
    What can I do with the proceeds from selling US stocks in USD?
    After selling US stocks and receiving the proceeds in USD, you can immediately use the funds to purchase new US stocks.
    Which funds will the platform use when purchasing US stocks?
    When you are placing a buy trade in US stocks, the platform will use the funds in your trading account based on your chosen settlement currency.
    What should I do if I encounter a deficit in my trading balance?
    In the event that a deduction results in a negative balance, please contact us at 226 8588 during office hours or email [email protected] . We can assist you in converting your remaining balance in other currencies to cover the deficit and prevent any additional charges.
    How do I top-up my Securities Trading account?
    These are the options that you can choose from:

    • Call our dealers directly during business hours at +673 226 8588.
    • Email us at [email protected] using your registered email with us.
    • Walk-in to Baiduri Capital during business hours. Ensure to bring identification documents.

    Cut-off time at 11am.

    When will my top-up amount be reflected in my trading account?
    If your request is made before cut-off time, your top-up amount will be reflected the next business day. Otherwise, it will be reflected after 2 business days.
    From which Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance account the amount will be deducted from for top-up?
    It will be deducted from the Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance account that you registered with us. Therefore, please make sure that amount that you wish to top-up is prepared or available in the account.
    Can I choose the account that I wish to deduct it from?
    Yes, you may. However, it is preferable to use the account that are registered with us. Should you request to change your account number within Baiduri, please contact us. Please take note that we do not allow deduction from any other local or overseas banks.
    How do I request for a withdrawal from my trading account?
    These are the options that you can choose from:

    • Call our dealers directly during business hours at +673 226 8588
    • Email us at [email protected] using your registered email with us
    • Walk-in to Baiduri Capital during business hours.
    What is the minimum top-up/withdrawal for USD?
    The minimum is USD5,000.
    When will the withdrawn funds be credited into my Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance account?
    The funds will be credited into your account within 2 business days after the date of your transaction.
    When can I submit an order?
    You can submit your orders online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    How do I submit an order?
    These are the options that you can choose from:

    • You can place your order via the Online Securities Trading Portal.
    • Call our dealers directly during business hours at +673 226 8588.
    How will I know that my order has been submitted?
    Please ensure you have turned on your Trade Confirmation option under your User Settings.
    When an order is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation. An order number will be assigned to that order in the trading platform.

    You may also check your order under the "Order Status" tab. You will find your submitted order under the "Working Orders" tab. The status of the order will be classified as "Order Received".

    How do I know that my orders have been executed and how fast can my executions be done online?
    Upon receiving your order, it will be directly sent to the Exchange. Your order will be matched depending on market conditions and the volatility of the stock.
    What should I do if I get disconnected while sending an order?
    If you get disconnected while sending an online order, reconnect and check your order under the "Order Status" tab. If it was successfully submitted, you will also find your order under the "All Orders (Today)" tab. If your order did not go through at the time of disconnection, you will need to resubmit the order.
    What happens to my unmatched orders at the end of a trading day?
    All unmatched orders for the day will expire at the end of that trading day and no amount will be debited from your trading account.
    What happens if I submit an order after the market is closed?
    Any orders placed after the market trading hours will be placed on queue on a first-come-first-serve basis for the next trading day.
    What happens if I make a mistake, such as buying or selling the wrong stock?
    Once a trade is matched, it is treated as an executed deal. Therefore we highly recommend that you exercise caution in your choice of stock and take extra care for the online submission of your orders.
    Can I revise/amend or cancel my orders?
    You may revise the quantity but not the price of your orders in SGX (Singapore Exchange) only, provided it has not been matched in the market. To revise the price, you will have to cancel the whole order and re-submit a fresh order. If you are away from your computer/device and wish to revise an order, you may call one of dealers to assist you with it. Revisions are not allowed for BURSA (Malaysia) or HKEx (Hong Kong) markets. 
    Cancellation of orders for all available markets is possible provided your pending order has not been matched in the market.
    Can I amalgamate (combine) my orders?
    Our online trading platform will automatically amalgamate trades, provided orders are:
    done in a market that is eligible for order amalgamation, namely Singapore (SGX), Hong Kong (HKxe) and Malaysia (Bursa Malaysia) and China A Shares (SSE-A VIA SH-HK Stock Connect)
    • done on the same trading day
    • done for the same stock
    • of the same action (BUY or SELL e.g. a buy action can be amalgamated with another buy action)
    • done through the same account

    Refer here on how to trade in Hong Kong Stock Market (HKEx).
    What are the Order Types available in the platform?
    • Limit Order
    • Stop Limit Order
    • Market Order
    • Market On Open Order (MOO)
    • Market On Close Order (MOC)
    • Good Till Date Order (GTD)
    What is a Limit Order?
    When you place a Limit Order, you are stating the price at which you wish to buy or sell a stock. If that price is not met, your order will not be executed. A Limit Order guarantees a price but does not guarantee an execution.

    A Buy Limit Order can only be executed at the limit price or lower, and a Sell Limit Order can only be executed at the limit price or higher. A Limit Order can only be filled if the stock's market price reaches the limit price.

    What is a Stop Limit Order?
    A Stop Limit order is an instruction to submit a buy or sell limit order for a stock once the price of the stock reaches a specified price, known as the Trigger Price. Once the trigger price is reached, a Stop Limit order becomes a limit order that will be executed at a specified price (or better).
    What is a Market order?
    A Market Order is an order placement with a defined quantity but without a price. It will be executed at the best price currently available in the market.

    A Market Order guarantees an execution but does not guarantee a price. A Market Order could be executed at a higher or lower price than what was quoted to you. Please note that it is a client’s responsibility to check if the order is filled in the market after order entry, particularly when the market changes quickly. For stocks not actively traded, Market Orders often are executed at different price levels and at prices too high or too low.
    What is a Market-On-Open (MOO) Order?
    A MOO Order is an order placement with a defined quantity but without a price. It is placed before a market is opened, and it will try to match at the opening price during the Random matching period. It is an order to execute at the day’s opening price, but it does not guarantee a filled order. An order that is not done during the matching will be cancelled and will not carry forward to the continuous trading session.
    What is a Market-On-Close (MOC) Order?
    A MOC order is an order placement with a defined quantity but without a price. It is placed during the market trading session and will be executed at the closing. It is an order to execute at the day’s closing price, but it does not guarantee a filled order. An order that is not done during the matching will be cancelled and will not carry forward to the next day.
    What is a Good-Till-Date (GTD) Order?
    A GTD Order is a type of order that is active until its specified date, unless it has already been fulfilled or cancelled. If they have not been executed, all orders are cancelled at the end of the trading day on the date specified on the order, so GTD orders are used to cover longer periods of time. GTD orders are commonly used by long-term investors who may want to buy or sell a lot of securities at a set price.

    The advanced order is a convenient online transaction method provided by Baiduri Capital Sdn Bhd for our clients. If the advanced order is not executed due to network interruption, server abnormality, and other physical factors or any others factors, Baiduri Capital Sdn Bhd will not be liable for any loss or damage caused thereby.

    What is the use of the order types?
    The Order Types are a risk management tool that can help investors to trade in securities more effectively depending on your strategy, market context, and other circumstances. Each order type serves its own purpose.

    Below are the order types available for the respective markets offered:

    Limit Day

    Limit GTD

    Stop Limit Day

    Stop Limit GTD

    Market Order

    Market On Open

    Market On Close













































    Will I be informed of relevant corporate actions?
    A corporate action is any event that brings material change to a company and affects its stakeholders. These events are generally approved by the company’s board of directors; shareholders are permitted to vote on some events as well. Splits, dividends, mergers, acquisitions are all examples of corporate actions.

    Baiduri Capital dealers will advise you on the corporate exercise before the due date by email. Therefore, it is important to provide us with your valid contact details (contact numbers and email) and make sure that you update us on any changes. Alternatively, you can call us during business hours at +673 226 8588.
    How do I safeguard my trading account/account information?
    Please refer to our Customer Care Guide.
    Why is Baiduri Capital introducing the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)?

    In our efforts to protect our clients against the prevailing cyber threats, the 2FA provides an additional layer of security to ensure customers information and transactions are safe and secure.

    Please refer to the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) set-up guide. Baiduri Capital 2FA User Guide

    What is Unit Trust?

    Unit Trust or Mutual Fund is a professionally managed form of collective investment that pools money from several investors and invests it in bonds, stocks, short-term money market instruments and other securities.

    What is Fund House?

    Fund houses are also known as fund managers or portfolio managers. They trade funds underlying securities, realising capital gains or losses, and collect the dividend or interest income. Examples are Allianz Global Investors, BlackRock, Franklin Templeton Investments, Lion Global Investors Manulife, Neuberger Berman, Phillip Capital and UOB Asset Management.

    What is the minimum amount to invest in a Unit Trust?

    Minimum investment amount is $1,000 in the respective currency, except for Manulife Asia Pacific Investment Grade Bond Fund and Lion Global Singapore Dividend Equity Fund which requires $5,000. Lion Global Disruptive Innovation Fund requires a minimum of $100 in the respective currency.

    Is there any maximum amount to invest?
    There is no maximum amount to invest.
    What is the sales charge to subscribe to Unit Trust?
    The sales charge to subscribe are at 4% of subscription amount for all funds with the exception of the following funds: United SGD Fund (UOB Asset Management), Phillip Capital Management Fund, Manulife SGD Income Fund and Lion Global Disruptive Innovation Fund where the sales charge is 3%.
    Is there any sales charge for redemption?
    There is no sales charge when you redeem your Unit Trust.
    I am a Prestige or Smart Executive Programme (SEP) member; can I get a discount for the sales charge?
    Yes, members who are tied to these programme are entitled year-round benefits, where Prestige will enjoy 1% discount and SEP enjoy 0.5% discount of the original sales charge.
    During promotional periods, are Prestige and SEP members entitled for additional discounts to sales charges?
    It will depend on the terms and conditions of the promotion, kindly refer to the promotion details. Alternatively, you may call us or customer helpline (+673 244 9666) during business hours to enquire more about it.
    What is Regular Savings Plan (RSP)?
    Regular Savings Plan allows you to invest a fixed amount of funds every month into a unit trust of your choice.
    What is the minimum amount to start RSP?
    You can start your RSP from as low as $100 in the respective currency per month. You have the flexibility to invest more if you wish.
    I have invested in Unit Trust by Baiduri Capital before, can I subscribe for RSP?
    Yes, you can subscribe to RSP after subscribing to the unit trust’s fund.
    Is there any sales charge when I subscribe to RSP?
    Yes, normal sales charge applies according to the fund you have invested, and Prestige and SEP enjoys programme discount.
    What is the eligibility and the documents required to sign up for Unit Trust?
    • 18 years old and above
    • Brunei Resident, Permanent Resident and Foreigner*
    • Maintain an account with Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance.

    *Terms and Conditions apply
    Why do I need to have an account with Baiduri Bank for the subscription/redemption of Unit Trust?
    This is to enable transactions such as deduction of the investment amount and crediting of any payout/dividend and/or redemption amount.
    How do I subscribe/redeem/RSP to Unit Trust?
    You can contact Baiduri Capital at +673 226 8588 or email [email protected] to book an appointment with our licensed personnel.
    How will I monitor my investment?
    You will receive a quarterly portfolio statement from Baiduri Capital. Alternatively, you can visit or call us +673 226 8588 or visit any Baiduri Bank branches for the updated price (NAV) of your unit trust.

    Another option is searching Bloomberg ticker as provided by the fund’s house factsheet to monitor the performance of the funds.
    What is Investment-Linked Insurance?

    An investment-linked insurance is a life insurance that combines investment and protection. It provides not only a life insurance cover, but part of the premiums will also be invested in specific investment of your choice, so you can protect your finances and make your money work harder at the same time.

    What products do you have under Investment-Linked Insurance?

    Currently we offer three (3) products: 

    • AIA Optimizer
    • AIA Investment Growth Plan (IGP)
    • AIA Variable Investment Protector (VIP)

    What are the benefits?

    It could potentially give you higher returns than other types of traditional policies, such as endowment. Additionally, you can enjoy premium holiday where you are temporarily not required to make premium payments without terminating your plan, provided that there are sufficient values in the policy. In the case that you need to adjust your insurance coverage, you have the flexibility.

    What is the risk of Investment-Linked Insurance?
    Unlike some other insurance plans, it does not guarantee any returns and it is considered as a higher risk product. The risks of investments include economic/market, political/regulatory, currency and interest rate risks.
    What is Insurance Protection?
    In the event of unfortunate death, the guaranteed sum assured and the bid value of all units in your policy will be paid in one lump sum to your beneficiary. It is important you assign your beneficiary during the sign up.
    What is the minimum amount to start?
    Minimum investment amount of BND100 for AIA Optimizer and AIA Variable Investment Protector and minimum BND5,000 lump sum for AIA Investment Growth Plan. However, the amount that needs to be invested may vary depending on your portfolio objectives.
    Can health issues affect the insurance coverage?
    Yes, health risks such as smoking, family history of critical illness etc. may contribute to higher deduction in units for coverage charges.
    Can I add on to my insurance coverage for additional protection?
    Yes, you may add on to your insurance coverage with a wide range of additional benefits. Protection for critical illnesses, accidental death and disability are included as part of the policy when you sign up.
    What does fund switching mean?
    You will be able to move your money between fund which allows you a huge advantage in anticipating market movements for taking advantage of any trends, upsurges or even drops.
    What is premium holiday?
    If any time you have difficulty in paying your premiums, you will be entitled to a premium holiday provided that the value of units in your policy sufficient to pay for all policy charges. In other words, you can skip the premium payments without terminating your policy. This premium holiday is only applicable for AIA Optimizer.
    Can I top-up my Investment-Linked Insurance?
    Yes, you may top-up your premium on an ad-hoc basis, with a minimum amount of BND1,000. The full top-up premium will be used to purchase units from the funds.
    What does surrender of policy mean?
    For AIA Investment Growth Plan, you may surrender the policy at any time after the first premium has been paid and invested, provided certain terms and conditions are met depending on your policy.

    For AIA Optimizer, there will be applicable charges for early partial or full surrender in first 8 years of the policy.
    What is partial withdrawal of funds?
    Partial withdrawal with a minimum amount can be made, provided certain terms and conditions are met depending on your policy.
    What are the fees imposing to these Investment-Linked Insurance?
    Kindly refer to our tariffs page for fees and charges impose related to Investment-Linked Insurance.
    1. What is a Monthly Investment Plan?

    A Monthly Investment Plan is a monthly subscription plan that allows you to invest an equal amount of money into an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) of your choice at regular intervals. It uses an investment strategy called dollar-cost averaging, which involves making regular investments over a period of time as opposed to a one-off lump sum investment.

    Dollar-cost averaging is the practice of investing a fixed amount on a regular basis, regardless of the ups and downs in the market. By making fixed amount of investments at regular intervals, you will be buying more units of the ETFs when the prices are low and fewer units of the ETFs when the prices are high. This consistent approach benefits you from the varying prices of ETFs, which will ultimately give you an average price over time.

    2. Which ETFs can I invest in a Monthly Investment Plan?

    Please refer to the table below for the list of eligible ETFs:

    Stock Exchange

    ETF Name

    Counter Code


    SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust



    iShares Core S&P 500 Trust



    Vanguard S&P 500 ETF



    Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF



    Invesco QQQ Trust


    All the ETFs listed above are traded on the US stock exchange. For other ETFs, please reach out to our licensed financial planners.

    The list of ETFs provided above is not intended as a recommendation. Please ensure you have carefully considered whether this list of ETFs aligns with your objectives and needs before proceeding.

    3. How do I set-up the Monthly Investment Plan?

    You need to have an existing trading account with us to set up a Monthly Investment Plan. For customers with an existing trading account, you may contact us by any of the options below to set up your Monthly Investment Plan:

    • Call us directly during our business hours at +673 226 8588
    • Send us an email at [email protected]
    • Visit Baiduri Capital in person during our business hours, and please remember to bring your identification documents for verification.

    However, if you do not have a trading account with us yet and would like to set up one, you may contact Baiduri Capital during office hours to arrange an appointment and we will inform you of the required documents. We will then prepare the necessary documents for your registration. For information regarding the required documents to set up a trading account, you can refer to the list here.

    4. What are the commission fees for participating in the Regular Investment Plan?
    The commission fee will be 0.50% of the total investment amount.

    Example: If you decide to invest in iShares Core S&P Trust with 2 units at a market price of USD420 for the month, you will pay a commission fee of USD4.20. This fee is calculated as 0.50% of your total investment amount, i.e., 0.50% USD840 (USD420 x 2 units).
    5. What is the minimum investment amount?
    The minimum investment amount is USD100 per month for each ETF. You may need to purchase more than one (1) unit of ETF to meet the minimum investment amount requirement.

    For instance, let's consider two examples:

    • SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust has a minimum trade allotment of 1 unit, and the current market price is USD420. In this case, the total investment amount will be USD420 and meets the minimum investment amount requirement.
    • SP Funds S&P 500 Sharia Industry Exclusion ETF has a minimum trade allotment of 1 unit and a market price of USD30. To meet the minimum investment amount requirement of USD100, you would need to buy 4 units, resulting in a total investment of USD120 (USD30 x 4 units).

    6. When will my transactions be placed?

    The selected ETFs will be placed on the last US market trading day of each month (“transaction date”). The transaction date usually falls on the last business day of the month and will not occur on any official US trading holidays, which will be announced on the trading platform.

    In the event of a holiday, the transaction date will be the business day immediately prior to the holiday, ensuring that the transaction date remains the last trading day of the month.
    7. How will I fund the Monthly Investment Plan?
    The trades made through the Monthly Investment Plan will be funded via your trading account maintained with Baiduri Capital and it will be settled in US Dollars (USD). It is important to ensure that your USD settlement account (“trading account”) has enough funds at least 5 business days before the transaction date. This is because the funds will be deducted automatically from your trading account every month of the transaction date.
    8. What happens if I do not have sufficient funds in my trading account by the specified transaction date?
    If your trading account does not contain sufficient funds by the specified transaction date, we will proceed to cancel your placement for that month on your behalf. Please kindly note that we will not be sending any notifications regarding this matter. If the transaction is successful, you can view it in your trading account within the 'Account Details' section on the platform.
    9. Can I cancel my Monthly Investment Plan?
    Yes, you can. However, there is a minimum requirement of 6 months for the Monthly Investment Plan before any cancellation can be requested.
    10. How can I amend/cancel the Monthly Investment Plan?
    To amend/cancel your Monthly Investment Plan, you must do so at least 5 business days before the transaction date.

    Example: If the transaction date falls on a Monday, any instructions to amend/cancel the Monthly Investment Plan will be required to be received by Monday of the prior week (assuming there is no public holiday in between).

    You may contact us by any of the options below to cancel or amend your plan:

    • Call us directly during our business hours at +673 226 8588.
    • Send us an email at [email protected] using the email address you have registered with us.
    • Visit Baiduri Capital in person during our business hours, and please remember to bring your identification documents for verification.
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  • User’s valid Identification Card (IC) or Passport
  • User’s mobile number
  • User's company assigned email address (General company email is not accepted e.g., [email protected])

Alternatively, you can complete the b.Digital Business Amendment Form and submit the form(s) directly to Baiduri Digital Hub, Ground Level, Baiduri Bank Headquarters.

Every user will receive a notification email at their registered email address, once they have been migrated and activated on the b.Digital Business service.

Companies who have not moved to b.Digital Business after 31 October 2023 can re-apply as a new subscriber to the b.Digital Business service. This will require additional documentations to be submitted as part of the application. Refer “Required Documents” here.

Important notice: Our Business i-Banking service will be deactivated soon. To ensure continued access and a smooth transition to the new Baiduri b.Digital Business, please provide your full name, IC, email address and mobile number via Business i-Banking Inbox. If we do not receive updated details from all authorised users, your company will not be migrated to the new platform and a fresh application will be required. For assistance, contact us at [email protected] or call 2268 637/8/9 during business hours. Thank you for your cooperation.

To strengthen our online security measures, effective 8 January 2024, we will introduce the cooling period feature on our Baiduri b.Digital Personal web and mobile app to prevent unauthorised access.

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