Multi-Tier Savings Account
Earning competitive tiered interest with your savings.
You can be sure that your funds are secure and earning competitive tiered interest, which grows with your balance.

Baiduri Finance Multi-Tier Savings Account

Average Monthly Balance Interest Rates *
Interest Rates *
Tier 1
BND100 or less
0.15% p.a.
Tier 2
BND100.01 to BND500
0.153% p.a.
Tier 3
BND500.01 to BND5,000 
0.155% p.a.
Tier 4
BND5,000.01 to BND10,000
0.157% p.a.
Tier 5
BND10,000.01 to BND20,000
0.16% p.a.
Tier 6
BND20,000.01 to BND100,000
0.165% p.a
Tier 7
BND100,000.01 to BND250,000
0.17% p.a.
Tier 8
Above BND250,000.01
0.18% p.a.

*With effect from 15 June 2021 and subject to change.
*Terms and conditions apply

Key Features

Accessing your account

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Required Documents
  • Fees & Charges
  • Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria
    • Brunei citizens, permanent residents and foreigners with valid employment pass or contract
    • Minimum age of 12 years
    • Consent from parent or guardian is required for applicants below 12 years of age
  • Required Documents

    Required Documents
    • Valid Identity Card or Passport (for individual or joint accounts)
    • For applicants below 12 years of age, Identity Card or Passport of parent or guardian and applicant’s birth certificate are required
  • Fees & Charges

    Fees & Charges
    • A service charge of BND50 will be levied if the account is opened for less than six months

    • Your account will be classified as dormant if it has been inactive for 12 months. A monthly fee of BND10 will be levied if your account remains dormant after 12 months
    • Reactivation of Dormant Account is BND10
    • You will receive a reminder letter and SMS two months before your account turns dormant
    • To avoid inconvenience, please make a deposit or withdrawal to prevent your account from turning dormant

    • Other charges may apply subject to fees and charges as per prevailing Schedule of Tariffs 
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