Please be advised that the Baiduri Finance HP Care Terms and Conditions have been updated and will take effect from 15 October 2023.

Hire Purchase
  • What is a Baiduri Finance Hire Purchase (HP) about?
    Hire Purchase (“HP”) financing is a facility given to you to part finance the purchase of a Motor Vehicle, Motorcycle, Marine Vessel and Pleasure Craft. Upon approval of the facility, a Hire Purchase Agreement (HPA) shall be entered between you as the Hirer and Baiduri Finance Berhad as the Owner of the financed vehicle. Interest for HP is calculated based on fixed interest rate over the tenure of the facility. Upon full payment of the facility’s outstanding amount, ownership of the vehicle will be transferred to you. HP financing covers a maximum financing period of up to 7 years.
  • What are my obligations when obtaining a Hire Purchase at Baiduri Finance?

    As a Hirer, you are obligated to pay the instalments on a date agreed by both parties, with effect from the commencement date to the final instalment as specified in the HP Agreement and Repayment Schedule. You are also obligated to inform the Finance Company of any changes in your contact details and address (refer to BFB HPA Clause 3.t).

  • What are the fees and charges that I must pay when obtaining a Hire Purchase at Baiduri Finance?

    There are no fees/charges upon HP application. However, if a customer does not pay the agreed monthly repayment amount, fees and charges may apply as per prevailing Schedule of Tariffs. Baiduri Finance Schedule of Tariffs can be downloaded from the Download Centre on Baiduri’s website.

  • How can I make payments for my Baiduri Finance Hire Purchase account(s)?

    • Baiduri Bank Branches
    • Baiduri Finance Branches
    • Any Baiduri Automated Teller Machine/ Cash Deposit Machine (ATM / CDM)
    • Online Banking via Baiduri b. Digital Personal
    • Baiduri Finance Mobile Application
    • Set Up Standing Instruction (SI)
    • Set Up Recurring Billing

  • What if I fail to fulfill my Hire Purchase obligations at Baiduri Finance?

    • If you have any issues with meeting your obligations, contact us as soon as possible to discuss repayment alternatives.
    • If you have any difficulties in servicing your debts, forbearance may be granted subject to the terms and conditions under the provisions of Prudential Treatment of Problem Assets and Accounting for Expected Credit Losses Notice No. BU/N08-2018/58. Forbearance occurs when hirer is experiencing financial difficulty in meeting its financial commitments and Baiduri Finance at its discretion may grant a restructure in payments and/or terms.
    • The consequences of failing to meet your monthly repayments include:
      • Overdue interest is charged at 1.25% per month from due date until the final payment.
      • Repossession of vehicle (Refer to Question 9 for more details)
      • Other forms of action including legal action
    • In the event of death, the Hirer’s personal representative or heir shall comply with the provisions of the HP Agreement.

  • Do I need motor insurance/ coverage for my Hire Purchase at Baiduri Finance?

    Yes, insurance coverage is mandatory. You are required to keep the vehicle insured until full payment of the Hire Purchase is completed (refer to BFB HPA Clause 3.n and Section 25 of HP Order 2006). With a HP account, Baiduri Finance can renew insurance on a yearly basis upon your discretion.

  • What documents do I need to submit to apply for a Hire Purchase?

    For individual

    • Photocopy of valid Identity Card or Passport
    • Photocopy of valid Brunei Driver’s License
    • 3 months’ Salary Slip (6 months for daily paid and foreigner)
    • 3 months’ Bank Statement (6 months for daily paid, pensioner and foreigner)
    • Tenancy Agreement with preceding 12 months Bank Statement where rental income is credited to, if applicable.
    • TAP/SCP Statement or Letter (pensioner and salary by hand only)
    • Employment Letter (not required for Government Sector)
    • Other Evidence of Income


    • Photocopy of Certificate of Registration Section 16
    • Photocopy of Form X / Section 17
    • Photocopy of Director(s) ID (Passport if Foreigner)
    • 12 Months of Company’s Statement
    • Letter of Consent
    • Photocopy of Reward Contract / Assisting Contract

    Additional Documents for Sendirian Berhad

    • Photocopy of Director Resolution
    • Photocopy of Guarantor Form
    • Photocopy of Memorandum and Article of Association
    • Photocopy of Allotment of Share
    • Photocopy of Annual Return
    • 1 year Guarantor’s Bank Statement

    Additional Documents Used Vehicle

    • Photocopy of Bluecard
    • Photocopy of Motor Insurance Policy with remaining validity of more than 1 month
    • Photo of Vehicle

  • How and when does repossession of the Baiduri Finance vehicle take place?

    Repossession of the motor vehicle will take place upon a breach of the HP Agreement. A Notice of Intention to Repossess (Fifth Schedule), will be sent to you by giving a grace period of fourteen (14) days. (As mentioned on BFB HPA Clause 5.i and Section 15. (1) or of HP order 2006).

    Upon repossession, Notice After Repossession (Sixth Schedule), will be sent to you by giving a grace period of another fourteen (14) days to allow you to redeem your vehicle (as mentioned on BFB HPA Clause 6.3 and Section 15. (3) of HP order 2006).

    Referring to HP Order 18(1)(a), hirer may redeem at any amount due under the hire-purchase agreement in respect of the period of hiring up to the date of the payment. Should you wish to redeem the vehicle(s) after repossession, all fees, charges and overdue monthly installments must be settled as per specified in the Notice After Repossession (Sixth Schedule).

  • What happens if I fail to meet the requirement after repossession?

    • HP Account shall be ceased/ terminated and transferred to Loss Recovery Department.
    • After the expiration of the Notice After Repossession (Sixth Schedule), the vehicle will be sold through tendering process. The sales proceeds will be used to settle the balance due. However, the Hirer will remain liable for any remaining balance if the sale proceeds are insufficient to settle the balance in full. After covering all losses, the surplus will be refunded.

  • How do I manage my Bluecard with Baiduri Finance?

    The bluecard may be withdrawn by the Hirer at the nearest Baiduri Finance branch at any time. Third party withdrawal may be accepted with the Hirer’s authorization. If the bluecard is not returned within 60 days from date of withdrawal, Baiduri Finance reserves the rights to duplicate the Bluecard and charge your account BND250 for the duplication.

    Should you decide to change your Vehicle Registration Number, bring the original letter of approval of your new Vehicle Registration Number from Land Transport Department to our Bluecard section.

  • How do I renew the Road Tax and Insurance for my vehicle at Baiduri Finance?

    • Baiduri Finance does not conduct any insurance, road tax or underwriting business. However, for added value and convenience, Baiduri Finance provides Hirers with administrative assistance via HP Care which includes:

      • Automated Motor Insurance and Road Tax Renewal Option
      • You have the option to subscribe to our appointed vendor’s Automated Motor Insurance Renewal Service. Your insurance cost will be included in your loan amount which is also subject to interest charges as specified in section 2 above which will increase the total loan amount. Your Motor Insurance will be done for you and delivered to your registered address at your convenience.
      • Motor Insurance and Road Tax Renewal Assistance
      • You have the option to request for assistance at anytime without additional charges. You only have to pay for the motor insurance and road tax renewal fees. You may request for an insurance and road tax renewal quotation via Baiduri Finance Mobile App or by contacting our HP Care Hotline at 7266800.
      • Loan Protection Plan
      • You have the option to get a Loan Protection Plan (MTHP/MRTA) from our appointed vendor. Your insurance cost will be included in your loan amount which is also subject to interest charges as specified in section 2 above which will increase the total loan amount.

    • Should you decide to renew your insurance elsewhere, please provide us a a copy of your new insurance cover note. Ensure the insurance bought has comprehensive motor vehicle cover with sufficient coverage to pay off the loan.
    • You will receive a renewal notification from Baiduri Finance one (1) month before your road tax expires.

  • Can I sell the vehicle during my loan tenure at Baiduri Finance?

    Under the provisions of the Hire Purchase Order 2006:

    You are not permitted to sell the vehicle, however, with the written consent of Baiduri Finance as the rightful owner, you can assign your rights under the hire purchase agreement.

    By assigning your rights, you are transferring the ownership of the car to another party by submitting the application form to Baiduri Finance and is subjected to the terms and conditions as set by Baiduri Finance. The transfer of ownership must be approved by Baiduri Finance and endorsed by Land Transport Department.

  • What if I fully settle my Baiduri Finance Hire Purchase loan before its maturity?

    Settlement Quotation should be obtained from the General Counter before making payment at the Teller Counter. The following Early Repayment/Settlement fee* applies:

    • If the remaining tenure is more than half of the original tenure, 2% of the outstanding amount or maximum BND500, whichever is lower.
    • If the remaining tenure is less than half of the original tenure, 1% of the outstanding amount or maximum BND250, whichever is lower.

    The Ceased Letter shall be collected with the Bluecard after payment is cleared (3-7 working days) at Bluecard and Insurance Centre, Units 16-17, Ground Floor, Sumbangsih Bahagia, Kompleks Perindustrian Beribi, BSB BE1118. You can also request for collection at our BFB Branch in Kuala Belait at your earliest convenience.

  • How do I inform Baiduri Finance if there are changes to my contact details?

    • Update via Baiduri Finance Mobile Application
    • Visit the nearest Baiduri Bank or Baiduri Finance Branch

    Note: It is important for you to inform us of any changes to your contact details to ensure all correspondences will reach you in a timely manner (as mentioned in BFB HPA Clause No. 3.T).

  • Where can I get Baiduri Finance Hire Purchase assistance and redress?

    Visit the nearest Baiduri Finance branch:

    Units 1 – 3, Ground & 1st Floor,
    Sumbangsih Bahagia, Kompleks Perindustrian Beribi, Gadong BE1118
    Tel No: (673) 244 9666 ext 3
    Fax No: (673) 245 0877

    Unit 1, Ground Floor, Tang Ching Ying Building,
    Jln Sungai, Kuala Belait KA2331
    Tel No: (673) 333 0570 / 333 0569 / 334 1436
    Fax No: (673) 333 0572

  • Where can I get further information about Baiduri Finance products and services?

    If you require further information on this product, please visit our nearest Baiduri Finance branch or call our Baiduri Finance Helpdesk at 2449666 Ext. 3. You may also visit our website at or download our Baiduri Finance mobile application on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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