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Get good deals on used cars

If you are looking for a good deal on a used car, you are at the right place! Browse through our weekly Tender Listing and submit your tender on Baiduri Finance Mobile App.

Key Features


    • View Vehicle Tender Listing on Baiduri Finance Mobile app or look out for our listing on Borneo Bulletin. 
    • Visit our stockyard at Simpang 236, Lot 25955, Kg Tungku, Mukim Gadong to inspect the vehicles. 
    • Submit your tender via Baiduri Finance Mobile app and you will be notified if your tender is successful.


    • Full payment is required within 3 working days after receiving the SMS notification
    • The unit will be released after payment confirmation. You will be notified to collect your security documents via SMS within 3 working days. 

Tender awards

Tenders awarded as at  7June 2023.

Stockyard location map

For more information on Tender Car for Sales, please contact Baiduri Finance at 2426800 ext. 8202.

Address: Simpang 236, Lot 25955, Kg Tungku, Mukim Gadong.
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Required Documents
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Eligibility Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria

    You will be required to make full payment within 3 working days after receiving the successful tender notification. 

    Open to individual and locally registered companies

  • Required Documents

    Required Documents


    • Valid Identity Card or Passport
    • Valid Brunei Driver’s License
    • Evidence of fixed and/or monthly variable income (payslip)
    • Latest 3 months bank statement/updated savings passbook or any other evidence of savings
    • Foreigners must present a valid employment pass


    • For Limited Company (Sdn Bhd); Certificate of Incorporation, Form X, Particulars of Directors, Authorised Signatories Mandate and Board Resolution
    • For Sole Proprietorship or Partnership: Business Registration Certificate, Section 16 and 17 and Authorised Signatories Mandate
  • Terms & Conditions

    Terms & conditions

    1. Participants are required to pay an administration fee per vehicle. Participants will be redirected to Baiduri Bank’s Internet Payment Gateway equipped with a secure communication channel. Payment processing may take a while depending on the internet connection. Please do not refresh or hit the back button. 

    2. Payments for administration fee are non-refundable. Fees imposed per vehicle may vary; not exceeding the maximum tariff.

    3. Indicative Tender Price is only an indication of the resale value, reserved or advertised price and may or may not necessarily be accepted when tendered at that price. Offer to buy amounts may be higher than the indicative resale value, reserved or advertised price.

    4. All sales are sold by tender on an “as is where is” basis and without any warranty whatsoever from Baiduri Finance Berhad on the vehicle(s). All tenderer(s) are strongly advised/urged to inspect the vehicle(s) and make the necessary searches/enquiries at the relevant authorities prior to submitting any tender bid(s). Baiduri Finance Berhad shall not be responsible in any way for any issues or matters arising out of or relating to the subsequent rejection of the transfer of the vehicle(s) to the tenderer(s) name including but not limited to any outstanding fines or blacklisting by the relevant authorities or claim by any other party(ies).

    5. Baiduri Finance Berhad is under no obligation whatsoever to accept any tender bid(s) made at any material times. Baiduri Finance Berhad further reserves the absolute right to withdraw the above vehicle(s) at any time or to sell the vehicle(s) on different terms and conditions or to a party who has not tendered for the vehicle(s) or to retender the same vehicle at a different time/date without any prior notice.

    6. The tenderer(s) may submit their completed tender application through the Baiduri Finance Mobile App before the closing time stipulated for the tender/advertisement. It is the tenderer(s)’ sole responsibility to ensure that the tender bid(s) are properly submitted together with all the relevant information required by Baiduri Finance Berhad. Any bid(s) which are incomplete whether submitted vide Baiduri Finance Mobile App will not be entertained.

    7. All successful tenderer(s) must confirm their acceptance and make the full payment to Baiduri Finance Berhad, Sumbangsih Beribi Office within 3 working days after being informed of the successful tendered bid(s) outcome, failing which Baiduri Finance Berhad will treat these tender bid(s) as duly withdrawn/declined. Baiduri Finance Berhad is not obliged to notify any unsuccessful tenderer(s) at any material time.

    8. All payments relating to the purchase of repossessed vehicle(s) are to be made only through Baiduri Finance Berhad, Sumbangsih Beribi Office and should be evidenced by the issuance of an official receipt from Baiduri Finance Berhad. Baiduri Finance Berhad has not authorized any third parties or brokers to accept any payments in relation to the sale of the repossessed vehicle(s) and will not accept any liability for any payments made in contradiction of this clause.

    9. HP financing is available subject to eligibility of the tenderer(s).

    10. For multiple bids made by the tenderer(s), Baiduri Finance Berhad shall be entitled to accept the highest bid made by the tenderer(s) irrespective of the date of the bid(s) as long as it has not been duly cancelled or withdrawn by the tenderer(s) by the closing date of the tender.

    11. In the event of any similar bids which are the highest amount for the particular tender of the vehicle, Baiduri Finance Berhad reserves all its rights to accept the earliest of the bids of the same price bid by the tenderers which have not been withdrawn by the closing date of the tender.

    12. All bids received by Baiduri Finance Berhad vide the Baiduri Finance Mobile App are final and Baiduri Finance Berhad will not entertain any requests for confirmation nor clarifications on the bids received.

    13. By submitting any bid(s) through the Baiduri Finance Mobile App, the tenderer(s) confirm and agree that Baiduri Finance Berhad will not be liable for any defects, deficiency or technical issues in respect of the Baiduri Finance Mobile App which resulted in the non-submission of the tenderer(s) bid(s) at all times.

    14. Baiduri Finance Berhad reserves the absolute right to reject or disqualify any bid(s) by any tenderer(s) who has previously failed to accept and/or pay any successful bid(s) within the specified time period.

    15. Baiduri Finance Berhad reserves the absolute right to change, amend or vary the terms and conditions above at any time without any prior notice to the public.

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