Baiduri Bank supports the zero waste movement!
  • EARTH DAY 2021
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  • EARTH DAY 2021

    Baiduri Bank supports the Zero Waste Brunei movement

    ‘Zero Waste Brunei’ was launched nationwide to reduce single-use plastic usage in 2019, with the aim to collaborate with as many local stakeholders to stop or reduce using single-use plastic such as straws, plastic bags, plastic packaging, plastic cutleries, etc for one day in a month and slowly progressing to twice a month, weekly and eventually, daily.

    This Ramadhan, we would like to raise awareness on the impact of single-use plastic waste, and the impact it has on the environment, and how possible it is for anyone to start their journey to the zero waste lifestyle.

    Earth Day Market 2021

    In conjunction with Earth Day 2021, we are bringing together local vendors to introduce you to low impact living. 

    Available are locally made, locally sourced food and produce, vendors providing alternatives to single use plastic, vendors bringing us closer to nature, and for fashion lovers who are environmentally inclined – this is the chance to try thrifting!
    Bring your own bags, containers, and packaging for your shopping
    Bring your friends and carpool!
  • TIPS

    Tips to start your journey to #zerowastesungkai

    1. Bring your own bags when going to Gerai Ramadhan. Even better, bring your own containers or ringkat.

    2. Be a conscious consumer. Buy items with less packaging.

    3. Store leftover food safely and consume them before preparing new food.

    4. If you have excess food (from purchase or sedekah), share with your neighbours.

    5. No littering! Dispose of waste properly.

    6. REDUCE food waste: Turn food waste/scraps into compost/fertiliser.

    7. REFUSE single use plastic bags, containers, cups, straws and utensils when not needed.

    8. RECYCLE: Segregate your waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. Recyclable items in Brunei are paper, metal, alumnimium and e-waste. Recyclable items can be sent to the recycling bins at JASTRE's waste collection points or the companies listed here:

    9. Bring your own reusable bottles/cups

    10. Use reusable straws.

    These tips are brought to you in collaboration with Green Brunei.

    Assess your waste

    The first step is the hardest but the most important.

    An important first step is to audit your current waste habits to establish a baseline to track your future progress. Determine the sources, types and volumes of trash you are creating.



    For food operators, we understand there are several constraints. Similar to personal, start assessing yourself. Determine the sources, types and volumes of trash being generated in your business.  Investigate if you have enough recycling or waste collection bins available and positioned for best results.

    What's next?

    After an audit of your waste habits:

    1. Set specific and attainable goals for waste reduction.
    2. Develop strategies to prevent and reduce waste. For example, keep reusable bags in convenient places.
    3. There is strength in numbers - engage friends and colleagues to do it with you and keep each other accountable.
    4. Remember this is a long term plan, don't worry if you sometimes fall back on old habits. The important thing is to keep on doing it. 


Contact our customer support team if you have any further questions. We are here to help you.

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